Abstract Thinking ► 18 ► [18.04] - Anupreksha Of Dutifulness - Duty And Sense Of Responsibility

Posted: 08.03.2007

For social health it is very necessary to have sense of duty and sense of responsibility, the awakening of the consciousness of duty and the consciousness of responsibility. After all, how long can we go on with punishment and torture? Is it possible to keep a man under control all his life? Will ail the people remain perpetually oppressed by fear? A fear-ridden society is for ever a sick society; it will never regain health. Fear is the greatest malady. There is bound to be fear as long as the consciousness of responsibility and duty lies dormant.

A society, in which the consciousness of duty and responsibility is awakened, has no need to fear anything.

The people, in whom the consciousness of responsibility is awakened, rise above all pettiness. They build up their character on the basis of responsibility. Efforts are also made to change people by giving them responsibility in case they possess a sense of responsibility. Some might say: "Why has responsibility been thrust upon this man who is incapable of it?" But I feel that making a man shoulder responsibility, does bring about a change in him. But, of course, he must have a sense of responsibility. Even a man, who has not shouldered responsibility before, undergoes a change when some responsibility is given to him.

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