Posted: 14.12.2012

The underlying problem of human existence - including 'fearlessness' (absence of fear) as its desired solution.

  • Source of all passions (Kashayas).

When we get in touch with the subtle energy which is beyond all material experience, our bodysystem including brain gets shocked when the formless forces are touching our sensorysystem.

This occurs when the subtle energy starts moving material particles of our body like water does to the grains of sand - we loose hold and control and our brain and nervoussystem gets into alert state.

So the primal self comand (anupreksha) is:

  • "Fear nothing!"

It is worth to meditate on this, as we find this message in all  faiths.

Aproach "nothing" (Zero) to get acquaint to it.

Find "zero" inside by reducing what comes up - just let it go. Become "nothing".

Fear nothing.
Training has begun.


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