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Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises: Arham posture

Published: 16.04.2010

Adopt any comfortable pose (sukhasana), lotus pose (padmasana), pose of supine pelvis (vajrasana), or evenly posed legs (samapadasana).

Beginners may, however, start with; SUKHASANA.

Process:- For practising Sukhasana; place the left foot below the right thigh and the sole of the right foot below the left thigh. Keep steady in comfortable pose. Bring your hands together in prayer posture at your chest. Recite-"Aum hrim namo arahantanam ".

Assume while colour all around while reciling.

While inhaling, raise your hands upwards with arms to touch the ears. Hands should be raised straight. While exhaling, keep your hands together in prayer posture. Then slowly bring your hands down at the centre of bliss on the chest. This is Arham Posture.

Benefits: Freedom from all attachments.

Arham posture brings about innumerable capabilities, which so far lay dormant in the person immersed in delusion (murchha), which is eliminated through arham posture. It liberates one from the sense of likes and dislikes and frees him from countless disabilities. Physically, one's fingers, plams,wrists, elbows and shoulders become strong and energetic. Due to pressure on stomach, chest, ribs and spinal cord, these organs too become healthy and active. Their rigidity and laziness are removed. The secretions from adrenal and thymus glands also change. Foreign matter accumulated in the body is eliminated.

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