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Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises: Introduction

Published: 06.04.2010

Spinal cord is th most important part of the body. Flexibility of the spinal cord is a sign of good health. Nadis called Ida, Pingala and Susumna branch out from the spinal cord forming the network throughout the body. A strong and healthy spinal cord is essential for the healthy life.

These exercises ore very simple but much effective. A view to have a healthy and strong spinal cord is a must for a healthy and strong nervous system.

Over the head is Gyan Kendra and at the end of the spinal cord is t Shakti Kendra. These exercises are essential for the development of these two Chaitanya Kendras. It is also important for the development of the personality.

Spinal cord should be kept straight which is essential for meditation. The flow of vital energy in susumna becomes easier when it is straight These exercises are very helpful for throwing out the toxic material accumulated in the waist area, abdomen and the neck.

State of the Body

Lie down straight on the back, keeping both the legs completely stretched, and the arms in a straight line with the shoulders.

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  1. Body
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  4. Gyan Kendra
  5. Ida
  6. Kendra
  7. Meditation
  8. Nadis
  9. Pingala
  10. Shakti Kendra
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