Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises: Exercise II (Eyes)

Published: 26.03.2010

Keep your neck erect and steady. Do not move it during this exercise. Do this exercise in seven states:

  1. While inhaling, move the eye-balls upwards, towards the forehead, and look at the sky while exhaling bring down the eye-balls to look at the feet. Repeat this process five times.

  2. While inhaling move the eye-balls towards the right and while exhaling move them towards the left. Try to look backwards to the maximum

    Repeat this process five times.

  3. Roll the eye-balls diagonally to the upper part of the right corner while inhaling and roll them to the lower part of left corner while exhaling. This is the oblique process.

    Repeat this five times.

  4. Roll the eye-balls diagonally to the upper part of the left corner while inhaling; and roll them to the lower part of the right corner while exhaling.

    Repeat this five times.

  5. Inhale and hold the breath inside and rotate the eye-balls in a circle from right to left five times and from left to right five times.(Clockwise & anticlockwise)

  6. Exhale completely keeping the breath outside, blink the eye-lids quickly, then inhale and again exhale while blinking the eye lids quickly.

  7. Rub your palms to produce heat. Warm your eyes softly by the warm palms. Cover your eyes with folded palms to make a dark cavity over the eyes and blink quickly in the darkness. Look at the light coming through the inner space between the fingers and slowly expand the space to see the full light.

  1. eye diseases are cured.
  2. Eye sight improves,
  3. Lustre of the eyes is maintained.
  4. It improves focus & thereby eliminate further deterioration of sight
  1. Avoid exposure to bright light & storms.
  2. Protect eyes form dust & fumes.
  3. Do not read in poor light.
  4. Do not read in laying position
  5. Do not read in moving vehicles.
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