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Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises: Exercise V (Neck)

Published: 30.03.2010

  1. Inhale and turn the neck backward to look up at the sky. Then exhale and bring the chin down so as to touch the collar-bone. Repeat this five times.

  2. Turn the neck towards the right shoulder while exhaling. Move your eye-sight backwards. Now inhale. Again turn the neck towards the left shoulder while exhaling. Repeat this five times.

  3. Rotate the neck clock-wise and anti-clockwise, tilting backward and forward. Do it slowly. Close eyes softly

  4. Inhale and bend your head and neck towards the right, and lower it so that the ear can touch the shoulder. Then make the head erect and exhale. Now repeat this exercise by bending your neck and head towards the left. Do not lift the shoulders.

    Repeat the exercise three times.

  1. Pain of the neck removes.
  2. Head & eyes gain strength.

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Jain Vishva Bharati
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Rajasthan (India)

4th Edition in October 2007

Printed at:
Kala Bharati,
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