Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 05 ► [05.08] Third Eye 2 - Three Views

Posted: 15.05.2007

There are three views: right view (samyak drishti), wrong view (mithya drishti) and right-wrong view (samyak-mithya drishti). Both wrong view and rightwrong view influence us. We cannot grasp truth through these two. Only when we move away from these two views and adopt right views does the consciousness of anekanta blossom within us.

Even this has a biological reason. The hypothalamus in our brain has two special hormones. One is called melatonin and the other seratonin.

These chemicals influence our character. They influence our perspective. According to karma sastra, mohaniya karma influences our consciousness, numbs it. If the atoms of numbness were not there then our mind would never get distorted. Our conscious is infinite and limitless. It does not have the limits of time and space.

The secretion of melatonin creates distortions in our character. It is responsible for sexual passions, anger and fear.
The other chemical, seratonin also influences us greatly. It influences our perspective. Its main activity is to inhibit the conscious brain. It swarms the brain covering the consciousness.

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