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Posted: 12.09.2012

JAINA: Federation Of Jain Associations in North America


Jai Jinendra

The Jain eLibrary website contains traditional Pratikramans (Samvatsari, Devasi, Rai, and Sthanakvasi) and English Pratikraman on audio (mp3 format).

Now the Jain communities who do not have any access to Upashraya/Sthanak and do not know the ritual can perform our most pious, important and required annual ritual at home.

All files can be downloaded from Jain eLibrary website free of charge. The followings are the steps to access and download these files:


  1. Go to website
  2. Register your e-mail address by using any password (if you have not done in the past)
  3. After the completion of registration - sign in with your registered e-mail address and your password you registered with
  4. Now on the website Home Page - Click the link "Jain Audio Stavan/Vidhi/Sutra" which is located on the lower left corner
  5. On the link result page click "Pratikraman" link
  6. On the result page - go to the last column (Book Download column) and click mp3 symbol and use save the file option. (Do not Open the file on the Website. It will not work because the file size is too large)
  7. After downloading all three files on your local computer - you can transfer them into CD.
  8. Now you can play one file at a time on any mp3 player for Samvatsari Pratikraman Ritual

If anyone needs any assistance to download the file, please call me or send an e-mail at jainaedu(at)

The traditional Samvatsari Pratikraman is about 3 hours of ritual divided into 3 mp3 files. Also at this time we do not have other Jain sects’ Pratikraman on the eLibrary. We are looking for Shrimad, Kanjiswami, Dada Bhagvan, and any other tradition’s Pratikraman in MP3 format so that we can make them available to the Jain community at large.

Michchhami Dukkadam to the entire Jain Community and Every Living Beings of the Universe

Pravin K. Shah
Jaina Education Committee


Following is the list of all Pratikraman Files on eLibrary:

Sr. No






प्रतिक्रमण संवत्सरी ट्रेक_1_of_3_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ સંવત્સરી ટ્રેક_1_of_3_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Samvatsari Track_1_of_3_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण संवत्सरी ट्रेक_2_of_3_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ સંવત્સરી ટ્રેક_2_of_3_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Samvatsari Track_1_of_3_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण संवत्सरी ट्रेक_3_of_3_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ સંવત્સરી ટ્રેક_3_of_3_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Samvatsari Track_1_of_3_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण देवसी ट्रेक_1_of_2_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ દેવસી ટ્રેક_1_of_2_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Devasi Track_1_of_2_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण देवसी ट्रेक_2_of_2_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ દેવસી ટ્રેક_2_of_2_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Devasi Track_2_of_2_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण राइ ट्रेक_1_of_2_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ રાઇ ટ્રેક_1_of_2_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Rai Track_1_of_2_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण राइ ट्रेक_2_of_2_श्वेतांबर પ્રતિક્રમણ રાઇ ટ્રેક_2_of_2_શ્વેતાંબર Pratikramana Rai Track_2_of_2_Swetambara




प्रतिक्रमण देवसी स्थानकवासी પ્રતિક્રમણ દેવસી સ્થાનકવાસી Pratikramana Sthanakwasi




English Pratikraman Introduction for English Speaking Jains




English Pratikraman Ritual for English Speaking Jains




English Pratikraman Introduction and Ritual together for English Speaking Jains

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