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Published: 13.07.2011
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JAINA Convention 2011

List of Speakers & Biodata

Acharya Chandana ji, disciple of Upadhyaya Amar Muniji, took Diksha (monkhood) at 14. She established Veerayatan centers based on the principles of Seva, Siksha and Sadhana in Rajghiri, Bhuj, Mumbai and Pune and has activities in many other countries like conducting religious seminars and has started schools and hospitals. She is a great philosopher and an extraordinary poetess. She translated the Uttradhyana in 33 days and published poems "Bhav Dhara".
Samani Akshay Pragya ji is a Jain nun and a disciple of H.H.Acharya Mahapragyaji. She has M.A. in Jainology and specializes in Yoga, Meditation, Jain Philosophy, Science of Living and Non-Violence. She was Niyojika (Head of the Saman Order) and is member of the Board of Management of JVB India. She has organized many camps, attended conferences and lectured on Jainism in many countries.
Amrendra Kumar ji Maharaj, disciple of Acharya Sushil Kumar Maharaj, took Diksha at the age of 14 and completed M.A. He directs Shukal Foundation for benefit of human race. He published the book "Yoga-Sidhhi" and emphasizes meditation and mantra through Arhum yoga. He established health centers serving health need for poor through alternate medicines such as Naturopathy and Homeopathy.
Anop Vora is the past president of JAINA and Jain Society of Rochester. He is the Founder President of International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya. He was instrumental in raising over $1 million worth donation to promote the cause of professional education for the Jain students. He established Kanchan Foundation and participated in Interfaith programs in Barcelona, Spain and Monterrey, Mexico.
Asha Jain, MA, RD, CDE, is a well-known and published Dietitian and Diabetic educator in Army Hospital, specializing in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gestational diabetes, and weight management. Her area of expertise includes various cultural, ethnic & religious foods. She has more than 25 years of experience and is currently employed by the Department of Defense.
Ashok Domadia actively participated in JAINA Convention 2005 by successfully leading Registration Team. Ashok served as Co-VP of Religious Committee at Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) in 2001-2002. He served on the Board of Directors of JCNC from 2003-2004. Ashok has been Co-Chair of Registration in 2003 for TiECon.
Bela Shah currently works for the U.S. Department of State through a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC. In her free time, she is a probono immigration and human rights attorney. After graduating from University of Chicago, Bela has been involved with numerous nonprofit and community organizations, including Amigos-de-las-Americas and Pratham.
Bhattarak Charukeerthi ji, with Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Economics, Vastuvisharada background and honorary doctorates, was designated as religious head of the Main Mutt Moodbidri in 1999. Moodbidri mutt is known as "Kashi" (Banaras) of Jains and belongs to the Acharya Kunda. Swamiji is involved in cultural, social and religious activities, has received many awards and represented Jainism in national and international conferences.
Samani Bhavit Pragya ji has studied Agamas under the guidance of His Holiness Acharya Tulsiji and Mahapragyaji. She also holds a formal degree of M.A. in Jainism as well as Science of Living. She is a regular visitor abroad to Jain Bharati Institutions in different parts of world to spread the knowledge of Jainism through Seminars, Preksha Meditation Camps, Yoga and Training Camps. She has the honor of attending important international conferences.
Dr. Bipin Doshi is a physician by profession. He is also a Vice President of Veerayatan, National Vice President of JITO, Jainism Teacher at the University of Mumbai, Trustee of C U Shah Medical College, Writer of the book "Gandhi before Gandhi" and President of Borivali Sankrutik Kendra.
Bob Linden, a creator and host for a GoVegan Radio weekly broadcast for 9 years in the Bay Area, has been an animal right activist since the mid 80's. Bob is a graduate from New York, a professional commercial broadcaster and a leading rock, jazz and world music program director.
Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, disciple of Acharya Sagaranand Surishvarji, participated in the Spiritual Summit Conferences (Geneva 1970, Harvard 1971) and became a first Jain monk to come to America and the West. He is the founder of the spiritual centers in Mumbai and New York, a spiritual guide to 67 Jain Centers in North America and other countries. He has authored over twenty-five books and led workshops, seminars and temple sthapanas around the world.
Dr. Deepika Dalal is Associate Professor in Anesthesiology/ Ob.Gyn., at University of Miami. She was the president of Jain Center of South Florida in 1997-99,2007 and 2008,and involved in Jain education for children. She was JAINA Regional V.P in 1997-99 and 2005-2009 and active participation in Jain digest editing team. She participated in Palitana medical camp and Mt.Kailash med.camp, Palanpur.
Pandit Dhirajlal Mehta studied Jain religious subjects and several original scriptures while studying for 8 years at 'Shri Yashovijayji Jain Sanskrit Pathshala' in Mehsana. He is teaching Jain Monks, Nuns, Shravakas and Shravikas at 'Shri Hemchandra, Acharya Jain Sanskrit Pathshala and other places. He has written and translated numerous scriptures and gave lectures and classes on various subjects.
Dhiren Shethia is the managing partner and co-founder of Enaxis Consulting for more than 18 years. He is actively involved in the Houston Strategic Forum, Rice-Alliance and Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the board of Pratham, a non-profit organization to promote literacy. He is a regular speaker at various business forums and is quoted by the media on his views on business.
Dilip V. Shah has served the Jain Sangh of Cherry Hill, NJ in various positions since 1980. He has also served Convener of the 2007 JAINA Conventions and was secretary, First V P and President of JAINA, and the chairman of JAINA pilgrimage committee. He has contributed many book reports, convention reports and other articles to Jain Digest. Currently he moderates a discussion forum jain-agenda.org on the web.
Dipak Doshi is a Director of JAINA (2011-12), a member of the JAINA LRP Team, and former Chairman of Board of JSMC (2008-09). Along with being a founder and CEO of Protocol Link, Inc., he also has advanced education and entrepreneurship expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical and business management, which he has used to the benefit of various Jain Centers in USA.
Dr. Katz is the Professor of Jain Studies and Religious Studies, Director of the Program in the Study of Spirituality, and Founding Chair of the Department of Religious Studies in Florida International University in Miami. He is the world's leading authority on Indian Jewish communities, a pioneer in the field of Indo-Judaic Studies, and has been involved in Jewish-Hindu/Buddhist/Jain dialogues for three decades.
Elizabeth Kucinich has traveled to five continents to work on and organize humanitarian projects. At age of 18, Elizabeth Kucinich traveled to India to work with Mother Teresa's Charity. She cares about humanity's problems is an understatement. It has been a central part of her life since she was a child. Her life has been that of a peacemaker in the midst of poverty and war.
Dr. Gary Francione is Distinguished Professor of Law, Nicholas deB, Katzenbach and Scholar of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. His primary area of research involves animal ethics and he is the author of numerous books. As a strict vegetarian based on the principle of Ahimsa, he rejects the use of all animal products.
Dr. Geeta Mehta was awarded Ph.D. by the University of Mumbai. She is the retired head of the Department of Philosophy, director of Samaiya Center for Studies in Jainism and a recognized Research Guide. She has published 3 books, 35 research papers and 105 articles in newspapers and magazines.
Girish Mehta is the founder of Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc., (ICC).They inform, educate and empower our community with regards to preparation of Health Care Proxy and Living Will. Girish will present relevant information and guidance in preparation of this important document so that preparer gets the medical care they want and help the family in times of difficulties and uncertainty.
Guruvanand Guru ji, with degrees in Physics, Electronics, Sanskrit and Astrology (PhD), has immense knowledge of Vedas, Epics, Gita and other Shastras. An orator beyond compare, he teaches preaching of Bhagwan Mahavir and has won gold medals at All Religion World Parliament. A great saint, philosopher and religious leader, he has traveled extensively. Guruji's Brahmrishi Ashram is dedicated to the "Service to Humanity" serving the troubled, poor and needy.
Harnish Jani received "Jyotindra Dave" award for his excellent essays in Gujarati and has given two collections "Sharada" and "Sudhan". He can narrate his observation in very light way and make audience laugh. He was the first to launch Gujarati TV program "Gujarat Darshan", produced and directed in 1992-94. He is writing regularly in various Gujarati magazines like-Kumar-Navanit Samarpan-Opinion-Gurjari-Gujarat Darpan etc. and presents Humorous Talk programs-One man shows.
Hiteshkumar V. Shah has been an active and devoted teacher since 1997 in Jain Pathshala at Manjarpol, Vadodara. He is an expert in performance of rituals of high significance like Poojans, Prtistha Anjansalaka mahotsav and Paryusan Aaradhana (Pravachan - pratikraman) and have performed these in India and outside in UK, Canada, Taiwan and USA.
Dr. Hukamchand Bharill, received the degrees of Shastri, Nyayatirtha, Sahityaratna and M.A. prior to his Ph.D. with a research on the subject of 'Pandit Todarmal: Vyaktittv Aur Kartrittv'. He was awarded additional degrees and recognitions from the Jain community. Dr.Bharill has written 53 books. He is a disciple of Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami. All activities of his mission is being conducted from Jaipur.
Ishavarbhai Bhakta was born in small town, Dhaman in Gujrat, which is famous for their bhakti for shrimad Rajchandra. From early age, Ishvar Bhai has been a follower of Srimad Rajchandra. He is very knowledgeable and has extensively studied Shrimad Rajchandra's Vachanamrut, Prabhushri's Updeshamrut and Brahmachariji's Bodhamrut and Pragnabodh. He leads the Houston Mumukshu Mandal and has conducted Satsang lectures at various places.
Samani Jayant Pragya ji, a disciple of H.H. Acharya Mahapragyaji, has a Master's degree in Non-violence and Peace Research from JVBI, Ladnun. She has studied the Jain Agams and has an authentic knowledge of Jain Tatva Gnyan. An innovative orator and melodious singer, she has lectured on Jainism, Ahimsa, Peaceful life-style and Management through Preksha Meditation and Yoga in many countries.
Jayesh Khona's areas of expertise are Jain Wedding in English / Paryushan Aaradhana /Lectures /Vidhi Vidhan/ through which helping the jain centers in USA for last 9 years. He worked at JCNC from 2002 to 2007 & involved all age group to understand Jain dharma in easy steps. Very good soft skills trainer, he speaks 12 languages with the goal of 30.
Kathleen AwaHoshi Kavan's vision is 'global transformation into a world of Health and Harmony. She entered studies of yoga, satvic diet and meditation since the age of 21. Her study with the International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) was a significant passage for her into the ancient roots of Ahimsa. Her work has been on NBC Health News, USA, BBC and RAI Alternative Medicine television specials.
Dr. Kirit T. Shah has practiced Internal Medicine and gastroenterology in Houston Texas from 1973 to 2004. He has been working in several charity clinics as volunteer physician in Houston and Ahmedabad since 2005 till today. He has helped "Akshaypatra" to raise 1 crore rupees worth donation from Houston. He was active in Jain society of Houston since its inception (1995) and has served community in various positions.
Kumar Chatterjee blends his mastery in music and unflinching devotion to the almighty, projecting a picture of an immensely likable attitude. He has been titled Sangeet Pravin, achieved Sangeet Nipun and received 'Tabla Prabhaka' title from Allahbad Prayag Sangeet Samiti. He has mastered an unique style of Bhajans in various Indian languages and has published numerous albums.
Kunal J. Rambhia is a Senior Analyst at the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC where he studies government policies for responding to infectious disease outbreaks, bioterrorism, and large destabilizing events. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2011 with a MS in biotechnology and obtained a BS in molecular biology and political science from Yale University in 2007. Kunal is from Kutch, Ramania and Pittsburgh, PA.
Dr. Madandevi Pokerna from Hydrabad, India, was lecturer in Hindi & was editor of two periodicals and has written books and translations. She has received numerous appreciation certificates (>30) for her contribution as writer, editor and social worker and as active member in many religious and social institutions.
Mahendra G. Mehta is Founder of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust established over 20 years ago to tackle the problems of poverty in Mumbai, especially amongst young children. He is a recipient of JAINA Presidential Award (2009) for his numerous humanitarian and medical camp projects that cover a wide range of relief activities conducted in India, Burma, Afghanistan and other African and Asian developing countries.
Dr. Mamta Shaha is an assistant professor of pediatrics at New York University. She is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a member of the Adult Education Advisory board of Great Neck, NY, As the chair of the Media Production Committee of JAINA, she has been producing and broadcasting weekly Jain TV show MANGALAM for last 4 years, seen globally in North America, Canada, Europe, UK.
Manak Muni ji took Diksha at 14 and studied Jainism for 12 years. He has natural gift of intuition, has great spiritual power, has undergone several supernatural experiences and is Shatavdhani. Muniji has founded Shri Padmavati Shakti Peeth to awaken inner powers of the soul through yoga, meditation and Mantra-Sadhana and to provide services to the needy and poor for education, welfare and health.
Dr. Manish Mehta, JAINA Vice-President (Midwest), and Chair of Jain Diaspora Committee, is Executive Director at NCMS Ann Arbor, organizing cross-industry ventures for advancing competitiveness in manufacturing, nanotechnology & sustainability. He has led Rotary-sponsored projects in polio eradication, clean water, sanitation, medical equipment and microfinance in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Uruguay.
Dr. Manoj Dharamsi, one of the founding members and the first elected president of JAINA, is the Chairman of the Event Management Committee. He has been actively supporting JAINA since its inception in 1981, has served as chair/member of various JAINA committees, and received JAINA Ratna in 1995. He founded Jain center in Washington, DC in 1985 and served as its president for 15 years. He is an electronics/IT engineer, and has studied Indian classical music.
Dr. Mukesh Bavishi is a Gynec Surgeon & Gynec Cancer Surgeon practicing in Ahmedabad for past 23 years. He holds the Guiness Book World record in number of 'stitchless' Gynec Surgeries along with his Gynecologist wife, Dr Vidula, in 2000. He has won 5 international and 11 National Awards for training other doctors, performing free surgeries for poor, needy, rural & tribal women, and delivering Women's Health talks, including one talk to 150,000 at Morari Bapu's Katha.
Namrata Lisa Adams is currently a secretary of Lighthouse Center, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI (USA) - A nondenominational non­profit meditation center founded in 1979 by Chetana Catherine Florida. Committed to inner peace and peace in the world, LHC receives guidance of Gurudev Chitrabhanu & Pramodaben. Many members of the LHC community choose to embrace the Jain Philosophy.
Nirali Becky Kleinschmidt, Past office-bearers of Lighthouse Center, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI (USA) - A nondenominational non­profit meditation center founded in 1979 by Chetana Catherine Florida. Committed to inner peace and peace in the world, LHC receives guidance of Gurudev Chitrabhanu & Pramodaben. Many members of the LHC community choose to embrace the Jain Philosophy. She has taken many yatra with jaina and published a book.
Dr. Natubhai Shah is PhD in Jain religion, author of "Jainism: The World of Conquerors" and visiting professor at FCVG Antwerp. Main force in the development of the Jain Centre Leicester and Jain Centre London, he holds many posts in Interfaith Organizations, and is the Chairman of Jain Network and Council of Dharmic Faiths UK. He was chosen 'Man of the Year' by the American Biographical Institute in 1991, was honored as 'Jain Ratna' by the Prime Minister of India in 2001.
Maru is currently the Co-Founder and CTO of Mooblue, an online advertising company in Philadelphia. Prior to Mooblue, Nimit was the Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at BloomSpot, and worked on creating Furious Fruit, an online games company with over 6 million users and Wowzio, a blog widgets startup that served 30+ million users monthly on 15,000 blogs. Nimit launched Yahoo MapMixer.
Nirmal Kumar Jain Sethi is President of Shri Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain Mahasabha, New Delhi since 1980. The organization is the oldest association of Digambar Jain community. It was established in the year 1894 in a special session by Raja Lakshman Das of Mathura, one of the founders of Indian National Congress, at Jammu Swami temple, Chaurasi, Mathura.
Nissim B. Reuben has Indian and Jewish personal background. He has MA and fluently speaks English, Hebrew, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. He is a Program director for American Jewish Committee. He networks with Indian and Jewish American students, leaders and professionals. He was involved in Israel Defense Hospital Mission to Bhuj after the earthquake. Every year, he arranges American Jewish leaders to meet with the Indian Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister.
Dr. Nitin Shah is a Professor of Anesthesiology & Chief of Surgical ICU. He has been involved in training anesthesiologists & guiding medical students, undergraduate students and medical doctors from other countries for career choices for last 20 years in Southern California. He has served for many years on medical student selection committee of UCI.
Pravina Kadakia is Radio announcer Freelance writer and yoga teacher. She is an author of Blog www.pravinash.wordpress.com" and had written many bhajans, short Stories and novels. She believes old age is best passed when we return our skills to society back. She is also an announcer in "Radio Voice of Sanatan Hindu Dharma".
Prem Jain is a Founding member of JAINA 1981, Convener at the Sixth Biennial JAINA Convention 1991. He is also a JAINA Regional VP from West 1989-1991. He was a Founding member of Jain Centre, Chairperson of JCNC 10th anniversary celebration 2010, Chairman of t JCNC Board of Directors and started pathsala at JCNC. He received JAINA Recognition Award (1993 and 1997), JCNC Outstanding Service Award (1998) and YJA Distinguished Service Award (2002).
Pujyashri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri has dedicated his life to the promotion of Jainism, especially amongst youth. His first experience of samyak darshan was at the age of eight. He was awarded his doctorate by the University of Mumbai for his extensive research treatise on Shrimad"s finest literary creation "Shri Atmasidddhi Shastra in four volumes thesis. Pujyashri gives numerous discourses and regularly conducts Shibirs, retreat camps, both at Mumbai and Dharampur.
Ratilal Chandaria is a retired businessman/industrialist of a global enterprise, and founder Chairman of Institute of Jainology, and the innovator/coordinator of Gujarati Lexicon (GL) Project aimed to preserve, popularize and develop Gujarati language through the power of information technology. He has been recognized and awarded many accolades from both, philanthropic and business organizations.
Rekha Shah gave an analytical explanation of "Anekantvad" and "Arihant-Vandanavali". She hones her talents by performing devotional songs written by her husband Rashmikant Shah, "Shahgul". Their song "Ye mere Shravak Jano" is the title song on Sahar TV's Jain Program. She is a frequent Bhavana singer for Jain temples in Columbus, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois.
Sadhviji Subhamji took Diksha at 12 under the guidance of Acharya Chandanaji. She has dedicated her life to the mission and vision of Veerayatan, its humanitarian work of Seva Siksha and Sadhna, teaching meditation and yoga, and delivering discourses on Jainism and on other religions. She is a rare Shatavdhani. She has extensively studied the scriptures and theories of Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism.
Samani Sanmati Pragya ji took her Diksha in 1990 by H.H. Acharya Tulsi. She has a Masters Degree in Sanskrit and a second Master's Degree in Jain Philosophy and Comparative Studies from JVBI, She has traveled to fifteen different countries and lectured on Jainism, Ahimsa, Peaceful life-style and Management through Preksha Meditation and Yoga. She has composed hundreds of devotional songs and poems. Samaniji is also an influential writer and orator.
Sanmukhbhai Bhakta was born in a Kabir panthi family. He is very knowledgeable and has extensively studied Shrimad Rajchanra's Vachanamrut, Prabhushri's Updeshamrut and Brahmachariji's Bodhamrut and Pragnabodh. Since three years, he has been leading the satsung in New Jersey area. He has also given lectures in San Francisco and in Agash Ashram.
Saurabh Dalal Since 1991, he has been involved in formation and growth of and advisor of YJA and YJP for several years. He is currently the president of the Vegetarian Society. In 2007, Saurabh Dalal received the newly renamed Henry Spira Grassroots Activist Award for his transformation of a local vegetarian group into one of the world's largest and most active societies for national animal rights.
Dr. Sharad Shah, an eminent radiologist practicing in Ahmedabad. He also is the Chairman and the Managing Director of Swiss Pharma, a W.H.O.G.M.P. certified pharmaceutical company. He is also chairman of the Sapphire Medicare Service which is well-known for medical tourism for NRIs He also holds a CRO called Sunshine Clinical Research Centre.
Dr. Shikha Bharaktiya from Bangalore, India completed her training in Internal Medicine from The University of Texas, Houston 2002-2005. She was chosen to serve as a Chief Medical Resident, in the Department of Internal Medicine from 2005-2006 following which she completed her Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. She now practices Endocrinology in the Greater Houston Area and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology.
Sonal Shah heads the White House Domestic Policy Council's Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation. She also served on President Obama's Transition Board overseeing the Technology, Innovation, and Government Reform working group. She also co-founded a non-profit, Indicorps, which offers fellowships to work on development projects in India. Prior to that, she worked at the Center for American Progress, working on trade, outsourcing and post conflict issues.
Dr. Subroto Gangopadhyay, MD FACC MBBS and MD (Medicine), is Asst. Professor Of Cardiology, Baylor College Of Medicine, Houston TX and Director. He lives in Sugarland, with wife Jyoti and three children, Spiritual Affiliation: Kriya Yoga (a meditative tradition from Himalayan Masters).
Sudhanshu Jain, MSEE from MIT, retired from his design job to perform home energy audits and to make positive contribution towards impending climate crisis. He has installed solar panels with Grid Alternatives. As part of Citizen's Climate Lobby, his group meets with members of Congress to advocate for a Carbon Tax with 100% revenue recycling (dividends to consumers).
Dr. Sulekh Jain, a mechanical engineer by profession, is a recipient of the JAINA Ratna Award and served as the president of Jain Centers (Cincinnati-Dayton, Houston) and JAINA (2 terms). He is the founder and chairman of International School for Jain Studies USA and secretary of Mahavir Vision Inc. USA.
Dr. Sushil Jain, JAINA First VP and convener for JAINA Convention 2011, has been consistently active in promoting humanitarian as well as activities upholding the tenets of Indian culture and Jain teaching. He is a retired Captain of US Navy and a former White House & US Capitol Consultant. He has earned many awards for his superior performance. He also has been instrumental in organizing various interfaith & legislative events in promoting Jain way of life.
Swatantra Jain is a chartered Accountant from India. He is senior VP and Director of a successful global marketing company Vinmar International, Houston. Swatantra Jain is actively involved with various Indo American community organizations in Houston. He is a President of Pratham Houston and Treasurer of Pratham USA, founding member and Chairman of JVB Houston and a Board Member of International school of Jain Studies.
Swati Doshi joined the Google Sales Recruiting team after working as a Senior Account Executive in their Direct Sales Organization. Swati spent 10 years in healthcare and consulting firms such as Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, and Accenture. Swati graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration.
Vibhu Sharma is Chairman and CEO of Ingenious Inc, a software and consulting company focused on chemical, oil & gas industry. He was awarded "Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2008-09", by Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston. His company was honored as 207th fastest growing private company in USA in 2009 by INC 500 magazine, also, the 6th fastest growing technology company in Houston for 2008 and 2007.
Vijay Shah is a financial Planner by profession and writer by choice. He has been writing from 1964. He has written many books including "Nivruttini Pravrutti"-Guide for the baby boomer. His blog was declared amongst top 5 American Guajarati blogger in 2010. He is active member of Gujarati Sahitya Sarita of Houston.
Dr. Viren Shah is actively practicing internal medicine, Sugar land, TX. He is also active life member and trustee of Jain center of Houston. He has participated in various charity health fair as well as through lecture series he is bringing health awareness to community.
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