Samanijis’ Visit to London Vegans

Posted: 07.10.2009
Updated on: 29.11.2012

Samani Prasanna Pragya

Samani Rohit Pragya


On 30 September 2009, Samani Prasanna Pragya and Samani Rohit Pragya were invited to London Vegans group to speak on ‘How to bring peace in the family’ in their monthly meeting. The event was organised at Millman Street Community room and attended by 20-25 members of the London vegans group. Samani Prsanna Pragya explained the real meaning of ‘PEACE’ and ‘FAMILY’. Introducing the Jain concept of Anekant, she said ‘Anekant means reverence for others’ views. It is the principle of reconciliation, peace and harmony. If one applies the principle of Anekant in day to day life, 75% of problems can be solved automatically.’ At the end of lecture she also introduced the books ‘Anekant: The third eye’, and ‘Happy and Harmonious Family’, written by Acharya Mahapragya. She inspired people to read a book entitled ‘The Family and the Nation’, jointly written by Acharya Mahapragya and APJ Abdul Kalam, former president of India. Samani Rohit Pragya introduced Jain Vishva Bharati and activities run by Samanijis. She informed the people about the training course ‘Enrich your life through the practice of non-violence’ which is going to be hold at Jain Vishva Bharati in November 2009.

 As for most of the people it was first opportunity to see Jain nuns, they asked many questions regarding Jain principles and the life style of Jain monks and nuns. They were very impressed with the explanation of Ahimsa, Aparigraha and Anekant-key principles of Jainism. Samaniji also mentioned five great vows, observed by Jain ascetic. Attendees paid gratitude to Samanijis for sharing their views and giving tips to bring peace in the family.

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