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Posted: 06.04.2009

Copposites Coexisting opposites world as a whole is sum total of two opposites which do not nullify each other but reinforce; Creation-destruction, life-death, ephemeral-immortal, light-dark, positive-negative are all pairs of inseparable copposites; one entity draws meaning only in the presence of the other.

Actons Karma Pudgals, karmic atoms, their attachment to the soul, movement of soul during birth-rebirth and ultimate emancipation are all attributed to the weightlessness of the actons.

Karmasomes Karman Sharir 'soma' means body, 'Karmasomes' is meant to represent the karmic body - the blue print of bios' lives; formed by actons (one type of quadons, chatu-sparshi pudgals) which are massless and exhibit affinity towards the soul which binds the 'Karmasomes' with the soul. Soul and karma thus form a single entity for all practical purposes.

Dion Dwi-sparshi pudgal smallest, indivisible particle of matter having two attributes out of the possible four - positive/negative (Snigdh-Rukshd) and hot/cold (Ushna-Sheit).

Quadons Chatu-Sparshi Pudgals one step higher in pudgal hierarchy; are made up of multiple dions, have all the four touches, namely, positive-negative and hot-cold; comprise a minimum of two up to a maximum of infinite dions; quadons with infinite dions again come together to constitute an entity, octon which is the quintessential step of migration from micro towards macro world; also called Anant-Pradeshi Skandh.

Octons Ashta-Sparshi the state of pudgal which possesses eight touches -four primary ones, positive-negative and hot-cold, and four secondary touches namely, light-heavy and soft-hard; the former two secondary qualities are responsible for the constitution of mass of the octons; the Jains do not consider mass as the primary property of a pudgal but it manifests only after the formation of octons from the relatively massless quadons and dions; also called Anant-Anant-Pradeshi Skandh.

Mattereals Dravya six entities or reals co-exist simultaneously to manifest the Universe; Dharm-astikaya (Dyanons - Medium of movement), Adharm-astikaya (Statons - Medium of rest), Akash-astikaya (space), Pudgal-astikaya (Sthul-roaXi&t & Sukshma-energy), Jiva-astikaya (conscience/intelligence), Kaal (time).

Dynaons Dharmastikaya one of the six mattereals, omnipresent throughout the universe, interleaved to form a continuous, monolithic medium, support Gati (dynamism) of all the other mattereals like/zva said pudgal.

Statons Adharmastikaya one of the six mattereals, omnipresent throughout the universe; interleaved to form a continuous, monolithic medium, support sthithee (rest) of all the other mattereals like jiva and pudgal. An anti-matter to dynaons; co- exist with dynaons in the entire universe.

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