An Appeal To The Jain Community Leaders

Posted: 13.11.2008
Updated on: 02.12.2010

In my course on Human Rights/Animal Rights, which I am teaching this semester, I am discussing Jaina doctrine and Ahimsa. primary reason that I am writing to you, however, is to emphasize to you the importance of making Jainism accessible to those who were not born into the Jain tradition. Although the Jains who I have had the good fortune to meet-the Samanijees, Pravin Shah, Sulekh Jain, Shugan Jain, etc.-have been nothing but helpful and generous with their time, and with providing and recommending books and other educational materials, Jainism is still very much something that is shared largely by those who were born into it-and not even by all of them. I have met a number of Jain youths who are completely unacquainted with Jainism and that is sad.

It is my hope that the leaders of the Jaina community will realize that an important task before them is to consider seriously ways in which Jainism can be made more accessible to all of us. The doctrines of Ahimsa, Anekanta, and Aparigraha are more relevant than at any time in human history. 'These doctrines speak to all of the pressing issues of our time: war, poverty, violence, and ecological destruction.




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