Peace Through Dialog 2007 - Vinod Daryapurkar : Making Jain Dharma Visible In The Digital Age

Posted: 12.02.2008
Updated on: 09.01.2009

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Making Jain Dharma Visible In The Digital Age

Vinod Daryapurkar
715 Bellemeade PI
Alpharetta GA 30004 USA
Mr.Vinod Daryapurkar pioneered a comprehensive web site on Jainism at He is a Jain scholar and a speaker on various religious and other topics for over 20 years. He has written several articles, given talks on Jainism on Radio and TV and visited over 40 countries. He is also a teacher of yoga and meditation.

The 21 st Century is an opportune time in history for the ancient message of Jainism or 'Jina,' a teaching more relevant and more urgently needed than ever before. The Digital Age makes it possible to share our passion about 'Jina Vani' (the essence of Jainism), one of the oldest living religion, with a large number of human beings around the world. Thanks to new technologies in media and the Internet, the principles of Jainism, such as non-violence, tolerance, environmental concern, built-in respect, tenderness, and equality for all living beings, can now be widely explained while securing Jainism a valuable global identity and name recognition.

Using the web is one of the most effective ways to reach masses globally. There are several sites on Jainism including our unique website Our Mission *24L* plan is to ensure that extends coverage to more than 95% of the global population, and is already translated in all of 24 designated languages, representing the 24 Tirthankars.

Jainworld is now a truly global site visited from 147 countries and more than 82,000+ hits per day. Since 1996, JainWorld has worked relentlessly to create a visible, global signature for Jainism, a result of the dedication and effort of over 500 people from all walks of life including Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Parsee, Sikh, and from other diverse belief systems and representing different nationalities across the globe.'s multiple language editions of its user-friendly web site has created an in-depth knowledge-base and global resource center complete with authentic and original Jain scriptures and commentaries to serve everyone, Jains and non-Jains, from a casual visitor to a serious research fellow.

One can get involved to increase the awareness of Jain philosophy of life. There are many ways to get involved and build upon more than 700 outreach efforts by the Jain World panel members to promote a deeper understanding of Jainism and to help the interested people in following these principles in their daily life.

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