The Miracle Is You ► 04 ► [04.02] A Philosophy For Life - Who is a Guru?

Posted: 02.08.2006

Then why do we need any help? Why do we need a teacher or guru? Why do we need books? Let us see the definition of a teacher. Gu means ignorance and ru means remover. He who removes the darkness of ignorance is called a guru. A guru removes, not gives. If you have something covered, he removes that which is covering your consciousness.

Enlightenment is your intrinsic nature. It is not given by anyone. What is given is borrowed and what is borrowed is not yours. Just as a man does not become rich with borrowed possessions, though he may appear to be, so you cannot become enlightened with borrowed gifts. Borrowed things remind you that what you have is not yours; it is borrowed. That feeling of obligation remains with borrowed gifts. No teacher can give you what you don't have. What he really does is uncover what is covered. He comes and takes off your layers of ignorance and says, "Here you are. It is yours, only it was covered."

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