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Arai gamdam visuiya
ayamka viviha fusamti te
vivadai viddhamsai te sarirayam
samayam goyama ma payamayae.
O Gautam! have no remission because bile ailment, a pustule and cholera are fast fatal diseases and even the touch of them makes the body powerless and it begins to wither.



From Acharya Mahashraman


Roj Ki Ek Salaah
Learn to live in present. Flowing redundantly with the memory of past and flying superfluously

under the unlimited sky of future, the present mutely goes away.

Preksha Meditation - By Appointment only
Tuesdays  - 7:30PM - 8:30PM - JVBNA Iselin Center


Thursdays - 7:30PM  - 8:30PM - JVBNA Iselin Center

Youth Forum & Gyanshala & Gyanshala North

(Will resume in October)


The Anekanta of meditational practice,
Circumstances are not everything. To put all the blame on it is not fair.Circumstances can be changed and they will change, but what hapens to the emotional syatem within? How can that be changed?

Bhagwan Mahavir was asked,"Noble Teacher,!Some people say one cannot meditate in a village.It can be done only in the forest, in the lonliness. Is the place of meditational practice binding?"
Mahavir said,"Child, Meditational Practice can be done anywhere in the village as well as the forest. And Yet it cannot be done anywhere either in the village or in the forest."This is the anekanta perspective of the meditation.
Excerpts from "ANEKANTA, THE THIRD EYE" By Acharya Mahaprajna


JVBNA Upcoming Programs 2017 
Paryushan August 19-26 / Sat - Sat
Kshamapana & Bhikshu Jaap - Sat, September 9
Mahaveer Nirvan Jaap - Thu, Oct 19


Annual Spiritual Camp - "Freedom from sorrows of life"

JVBNA Annual Spiritual Camp "Freedom from sorrows of life" was conducted from June 16th to 18th at Arsh Vidya Gurukulam, PA, was attended by approx. 60 + 25 adults, youth and children participants under guidance of  Samanijis - Sanmati Pragyaji, Jayant Pragyaji.

The theme of the camp was focused on freedom from sorrows by practicing yoga and meditation in our lives.

The day started with Yoga and Pranayam conducted by Rameshji Parmar and her daughter Madhu Parmar. This practice filled campers with energy and vigor for rest of the day. The morning session with Samaniji's started with Samayik and Bhaktambar recitations followed by Pravachan emphasizing on right attitude, art of living in the present, spiritual way to conduct daily activities. The afternoon session was concluded by Kayotsarga, a technique involving journey inside mind and body for complete relaxation.

The evening session were geared towards highlighting team work and creativity among the campers. The team comprised of 3 person and were asked to present a skit on topics involving 3 opposing protagonist and to showcase how conflict can be effortlessly resolved by following jain principles of anekant, aprigraha and ahimsa.

Mr B.C Jain's performance as rebelious teenager boy got rave reviews among the audience.It was a fun-filled, completely unplugged and rejuvenated experience for all. This camp was also wonderful in many ways.


Samanijis in JAINA convention NJ, July 2017

Samani Sanmati Pragya-Ji and Samani Jayant Pragya-Ji along with Samani Kanchan Pragya-Ji and Samani Pranav Pragya-Ji from JVB Houston were invited in Jaina Convention held in New Jersey. Convention was inaugurated with the recitation of Navkar Mantra by Samanijis followed by a short speech by Samani Sanmati pragya-Ji on Friday evening. Samani Sanmati Pragya-Ji delivered a speech on the topic-Does Jainism really need to be proved by Science"?, Samani Kanchan Pragya-Ji’s speech was on-" Spiritual pursuit". The room was occupied to its maximum capacity, to listen Samanijis. A very inspirational and melodious concert was organized in leadership of Samani Jayant Pragya-Ji with both Samanijis from Houston in the  Sunday morning. It was mesmerizing session.

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