Samanis Mangal Prajnaji & Prassana Prajnaji - 8 Days in Dubai, UAE - 7th Day

Published: 21.09.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

Dubai, 25th August 2005

On day 7 of Samani Mangal Prajnaji & Samani Prassana Prajnaji Dubai visit - being Friday, was a weekly a day off. A special morning session was arranged at 1000 am at Sindhi Ceremonial Centre on " HOW TO EXPERIENCE INTERNAL PEACE ". Good number of people turned in early and Samani Mangalprajnaji briefly talked about 9 tatvas. After prayer (arhat vandana) recitals, Samani Mangal Prajnaji recited a wonderful religious hymn with wordings to the effect that O God - come and stay in my heart so that I can become knowledgeable; O God, come and stay in my heart so that whenever I face adverse situation or whenever I suffer from anger - your presence can help bring equanimity in me; O God, come and stay in my heart so that I can learn and experience internal peace.

Samani Prassana Prajnaji then talked about the importance of proper guidance and religious teaching to children so that they can grow in to responsible citizens and good human beings. She said children learn very fast and more so from examples so parents should set good examples for their offspring. She emphasized the roleGyanshala can play towards this end and exhorted the parents to send their children to Gyanshala. Some of the children then presented a short skit about "Importance of Gyanshala". Some children recited religious poems. It must be added here that the children prepared the skit/poetry recital etc by spending some 30 minutes every evening for past 3/4 days with Samani Prassana Prajnaji.

Samani Mangalprajnaji then resumed her talks about " HOW TO EXPERIENCE INTERNAL PEACE ". She said one should never forget the death. The person who remembers the death would generally not involve himself in wrongful acts and thoughts. Further, since the time of death is not known, the person would always be alert.
She talked about 4 categories of persons -
  1. who are born with high level of spiritual awareness and continue to further develop it;
  2. who are born with high level of spiritual awareness but become engrossed in worldly affairs and therefore go down the ladder;
  3. who are born with low level of spiritual awareness but by perpetual awareness they increase their level to higher stages and
  4. who are born with low level of spiritual awareness and remain engrossed in worldly affairs and therefore go further down the ladder.
She said one must make his own assessment and decide at what level of spiritual awareness one was born, what was his present level and where he wants to head. She said progress on a person's spiritual awareness would definitely help him experience internal peace.

The programme came to close with recitation of Mangal Path by Samaniji at around 1215 hrs. After visiting Sharjah for alms, Samaniji left for Abu Dhabi around 1500 hrs.

Our correspondent R.K.Bengani, Dubai, UAE
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