Jain Legend : Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (1) ► Cakravartī Hariṣeṇa

Posted: 17.04.2016

In the time of the 21st Tīrthaṃkara Lord Naminātha, came the tenth cakravartī of Bharata, emperor Hariṣeṇa. In the Pāṃcāla region of Bharata in Jambūdvīpa was a city named Kāmpilya ruled by the Ikṣvāku king Mahāhari. Queen Mahiṣī one night saw the 14 auspicious dreams. Upon completion of the pregnancy period queen Mahiṣī gave birth to a bright son endowed with all qualities of a cakravartī. The parents named their son Hariṣeṇa. The prince was brought up with a lot of love and royal splendour and was trained in suitable skills and arts. When he became young he was married to princesses of good lineage. When he was 325 years old, king Mahāhari placed him on the throne.

Ruling as a provincial king, when 325 years had passed, a heavenly cakra jewel appeared in his armoury. In 150 years, king Hariṣeṇa won over the entire Bharata and became cakravartīemperor and the Lord of 14 jewels and nine treasures. He ruled over Bharata as a cakravartī emperor for 8850 years. Thereafter, he developed disinterest in his mind. Sacrificing all sensual pleasures and wealth, he took initiation as a mendicant. Monk Hariṣeṇa did intense penance and observed pure restraint for 350 years and ending all the eight karmas, obtained the blissful state of liberation/ salvationat the age of ten thousand years.

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