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Posted: 17.02.2015

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Jaina Studies at Ghent University



17th Jaina Studies Worskhop, on Jaina Tantra, SOAS, London, 19-20th March 2015

1st World Congress on Logic and Religion, João Pessoa, Brazil, 1-5th April 2015

  • Marie-Hélène Gorisse to present "Logic and the rational legitimization of religious claims in Jainism: The case-study of Guaratna's refutation of Hindu theses"

Yale Jain Graduate Conference, Yale, 1-2 May 2015 (to be announced here soon!)

  • Lucas den Boer to present "Perspectivism and apolegetics: The role of the other in Jaina doxography"
  • Tillo Detige to present "Others shaping self, self becoming other: opposition to the Digambara Bhaṭṭārakas"
  • Marie-Hélène Gorisse to present "Jain philosophers in the debating hall: when correct argumentation requires the use of hermeneutical devices"
  • Tine Vekemans (title t..b.a.)

5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, Istanbul, 20-30th June 2015

  • Marie-Hélène Gorisse to give a "Tutorial on Jain Logic"

16th World Sanskrit Conference, Bangkok, 28th June - 2 July 2015

  • Eva De Clercq to present "Jain narratives on animal sacrifice", panel on Jain Studies
  • Marie-Hélène Gorisse to present "Concealing meaning in inferential statements: The practice of patra in Jainism", panel on Jain Studies
  • Sander Hens to present the Jain author Nayacandra Suri in "Rāma’s valour and Kāma’s victory: eulogizing and criticizing the Cāhamāna’s in Sanskrit epic poetry", panel on Poetry

UGent Seminars

Please have a look at the page 'Teaching' in order to know about seminars, etc., on Jainism organised in Ghent university.


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