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Jain Biology: Glossary

Published: 15.10.2009
Updated: 02.07.2015
Anther See Stamen.
Angiosperms Flowering plants with seeds en-closed in a fruit.
Asexual Reproduction Reproduction by spores.
Assimilation Conversion of digested foods into protoplasm.
Binomial Nomenclature The system of denoting a plant or an animal by two Latin names the first for its genus and the second for its species.
Carpel Floral part bearing ovules.
Centrosome An area in animal cell which in-cludes a pair of small granules, called centrioles.
Chioroplast A plastid which is green due to chlorophyll, pigment which makes plants look green.
Coelenteron See gastro—vascular cavity.
Crop The dilated middle pan of oesopha-gus in birds. It stores and softens hard grains.
DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid. A self duplicating molecule which is the genetic material of living organisms
Enzymes Catalysts found in living cells. They are proteins which catalyse many reactions.
Epiphyte A plant throwing from another plant using it merely for support. See parasite
Fertilization Process of union of male and female gametes.
Gastrovascular cavity The central cavity in animals (Coelenteron) like Hydra where digestion occurs.
Genus A group of related species.
Gills Specialised respiratory organs in fish, lobster etc.
Gizzard The posterior part of the stomach in birds.
Haustoria Parasitic roots for drawing nutri-tion from the host.
Lichen A co—operative society of alga and fungus.
Locomotion Movement for change of position.
Nucleic acid Chemical compound found in all living organisms, now thought very important in inherited material; forms complex compounds (nucleo - proteins) with proteins. See DNA & RNA.
Organelle Any structurally distinct body within CYTOPLASM of cells.
Ovule Structure produced by a flower, which later develops as a seed.
Parenchyma Basic tissue of plants made up of cells, cellulose and inter—cellular spaces.
Plastids Organelles present in plant cells, carrying pigments. See chlorophyll.
Plumule Immature shoot system forming part of embryo of seed.
Pollen Powdery substance discharged from anther of flower, male element in pollination.
Pollination An act of transfer of pollen from anther to the stigma of the flower of same species.
Radicle Immature root forming part of embryo of seed. Cf plumule.
Ribisomes Organelles involved in assembling protein molecules as ordered by DNA.
RNA Ribonucleic acid - self duplicat-ing nucleic acid concerned in protein synthesis.
Ruminant Stomach A four chambered stomach in mammals like cattle, sheep etc.
Sexual Reproduction Reproduction by gametes or sex cells.
Species A term denoting a group of related plants or animals.
Stamen Part of flower which produces male sex cells, comprising stalk plus head (anther) with pollen sacs that burst to release pollen grains.
Tissue A group of similar cells doing one particular function.
Trachea Term used for:—wood vessels in plants wind pipe in higher animals Breathing tubes for insects.
Edited by:
Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar

Ladnun-341 306 (Rajasthan, India)

First Edition: 2008 Printed at: Shree Vardhman Press, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi- 110032

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