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Jain Biology: Origin Of Life Upon Earth - Chemical Evolution

When our earth was new, it was a mass of molten lava. Nothing could live in such conditions. But life did appear about a billion years ago. Was this not abiogenesis? Scientists wondered about what happened then. A.I. Oparin was the first to discuss the problem in 1938 and suggested that before the origin of life, there was some sort of chemical evolution. In 1953, Harold Urey and Miller constructed an apparatus wherein the four primitive gases ammonia, hydrogen, methane, and water-vapourwere continuously circulated and subjected to electric sparks and heat in order lo keep the water vaporized. Within a week, a number of organic substances were formed, of which amino acids were the most important. Now amino acids are the units from which proteins are made and proteins and nucleic acids are the least common multiples of life because viruses which are regarded to be on the border line of living and non-living, consist of but little else.[1]

If proteins could be made from simple stuff like this, what about nucleic acids? Some scientists stated that not only nucleic acids but other important substances could be created in this way. Thus, before the appearance of life, the chemicals of life-were created. This is called "Chemical Evolution."

Since then scientists all over the world have made desperate efforts to synthesize a living cell. Inspite of unbelievable advances and inspite of our accurate and detailed knowledge regarding every material substance which is involved in the making of a cell, no one has yet been able to synthesize a living cell in the laboratory."[2]


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Edited by:
Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar

Ladnun-341 306 (Rajasthan, India)

First Edition: 2008 Printed at: Shree Vardhman Press, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi- 110032

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