Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabha: The Multidimensional Personality of Spiritualism

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 13.12.2021
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If you are interested and want to see the height of spiritualism of an Indian woman, it would be relevant to dive into the unique pages of Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji's creative and spiritual life.  Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji's sadhana is full of creativity; as soul is her God, sacrifice is her prayer, restraint is her strength and friendship is her devotion. Her supernatural and unique consciousness is a living example of a complete life.

She is the eighth Sadhvipramukha of the Terapanth Dharmasangh and this is the golden jubilee occasion of her 50 years of completion of the position of Sadhvipramukha. "Sadhvipramukha" is a proud and respected post in the history of Terapanth Dharmasangh. The Kohinoor diamond, discovered and carved by the connoisseur of initiation guru Acharya Tulsi, is Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabha. She is an extraordinary and unique achievement not only of Jainism and Terapanth Dharmasangh but of Indian spiritual horizon. The idol of affection, full of positive energy, who has a monopoly on Hindi, Sanskrit, Prakrit and English languages. She is the chief of seven hundred sadhvis.

The Sadhvis Samaj of Terapanth Dharmasangh is famous for its spiritual practice, scholarship and dedication. Seven Sadhvipramukhas from Mahasati Sardaranji to Sadhvipramukha Ladanji made a great contribution in the development of Sadhvi society. Taking that tradition forward, Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji carved new definitions of spiritual leadership. She has done her duty by increasing the glory of Terapanth Dharmasangh with her devotion, guru-fidelity, and ethics-loyalty, spirituality and responsibility-loyalty under the holy guidance of three great masters like Acharya Shri Tulsi, Acharya Shri Mahaprajnaji and presently Acharya Shri Mahashramanaji. The unique and historical journey of half a century has been set.

Women sages have an important contribution in the religious and spiritual tradition of India. The present era-contemplation is neither supportive nor naturist of the separate existence of men and women. This modern era favours coexistence and participation of both. Due to the unique works and creation-sadhana projects of women power like Sadhvipramukha Kanakprabhaji, the twenty-first century is considered to be the century of domination of women. Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji has written hymns of creation in different directions, has created a new history. She has proved himself with her ability and determination. She has proved by writing the story of her courage from literary creation to meditation that women run the house with the same skill, they can use their abilities in every field like religion, education, service, rites-making etc.

Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabha is a successful and sensitive litterateur. From the point of view of writing the overall literature of Acharya Shri Tulsi and especially travel literature, her contribution to Hindi literature is invaluable. She has established a distinct identity by doing the unique and marvelous work of editing Acharya Tulsi Jeevan Darshan books. It is her unique devotion towards revered Gurudev Tulsi that she dedicates all her work to him. She has given a special dimension to the literature of Terapanth Dharmasangh and especially to the creativity of Sadhvi Samaj.

Under his guidance, the participation of saints in the fields of education, spiritual practice, literature, travel, art, public relations, oratory, leadership, administration etc. has become remarkable. Those who are acquainted with the art, meditation and literary creation of Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabha, they unintentionally say – such a busy schedule and so much creativity! How can they do so much work without any special environment and facilities?

The biggest feature of the authoritative personality of Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji is that in every environment, whether it is crowded, whether it is an atmosphere of serious discussions, whether it is traveling, whether she is present on the stage in special events, she can easily keeps move her writing in every environment.  The amount of writing she has written in abundance is also a historical event. She does not require any special atmosphere to write and what she writes is not just a crowd of words but a deep ocean of meanings. The progress she has made in the field of literature is unmatched.

After reading the literature written by Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabha, the famous litterateur, Jainendra Kumarji said – After reading the literature of Kanakaprabhaji, it seems that I have to think afresh about my writing. She speaks better than that. Her writing and speaking is not only superb, but her administrative ability is also unmatched. Staying completely away from name, fame, popularity and position, she wants to be constantly engaged in creation, creation and creation. Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji has over the years taken a leap in the field of spirituality and has created ideal definitions of life. Committed to the highest traditions, rites and values of spirituality, she has given a meaningful introduction of supernatural power, a spiritual master, and an energy in the form of a great personality. She is a symbol of sacrifice, austerity, brilliance, intellectuality and creation. Talent & efforts are synonyms of her.

Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabha is a personality creator, in her thoughts the spiritual and cultural consciousness of India is reflected. She is the symbol of a smile from salvation. She has given the dimension of creation to saintliness and meditation, her saintliness is a resolution to beautify human life, to make people moral and spiritual and for their own welfare as well as development. Due to this, the relationship with the world does not break, but through self-realization connected with God, life becomes completely synonymous with human upliftment, social welfare, service, kindness and deeds of the right path.

She is the lamp of revolution from person-revolution to thought-revolution. She has blessed her life by living the principles of Lord Mahavir and Acharya Bhikshu on the role of philosophy of life. Despite being tied to a particular sect, your unrestricted work has given the right direction to the entire nation in the direction of human unity, communal harmony, nationalism and altruism. This unique personality, confined in the whiteness of pure purity, seems as if purity itself has come down to earth. Her ideals are awakened with the passage of time, motives remain in motion, principles become practices and resolutions reach the end.

Sadhvipramukha Kanakaprabhaji is an epitome of gentleness, purity, tolerance, creativity, reverence, dedication, vitality and positive thinking. Some see in her the form of a Buddhist nun, while some see Mother Teresa. Some consider her to be an incarnation of Saraswati, while some see in her the resemblance of Sri Maa of Aurobindo Ashram and Sharda, the mother of Bailur Math. One finds in him the specialty of Mahadevi Varma.

There are three main steps in her development journey – determination, talent and effort. Her life journey is that of a saint, of a spiritual sage, a sensitive literary scholar-writer and a social builder. There are many stages of this journey. Their valuable visions and inspirations related to their social, cultural, political, literary, educational etc. fields are significant. From spirituality to health, from literature to culture-making, the experience is intertwined. The revolutionary effect of your ideas can be seen not only in the field of faith but also in the field of literary creation. She has read more than she has written. There will be no such writer, thinker in the world, whom she has not read. She is a successful lecturer and her discourses contain solutions to life's problems. In this way, when we consider her personality, that flow comes out in the form of a waterless one. Her aim is always development oriented. Heartfelt tributes to the inspiring Sadhvipramukha Kanakprabhaji of such a wonderful life and unique works on the Amrit Mahotsav of the Sadhvipramukha administration this year!


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