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Maryada Mahotsav: The Essence of Spiritual Life

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 04.02.2022

158th Maryada Mahotsav special on 5th, 6th and 7th February 2022

In every stage of materialistic life or renunciation life, there should be limits and restraint. Modesty is the real meaning of life. The earth, the sky, the sea, the sun, the moon and the stars, the individual, the religion and the society are all bound within their own limits. Whenever their limits are broken; nature catastrophes and society turns into anarchy. The way religions, spiritual leaders and religious organizations, who teach this dignity, are becoming degraded, it is a serious situation. Whereas the main basis of the strength of any spiritual leader, organization, institution or union is - dignity. This is the basic secret of its longevity and reliability. Many religious associations, sects, institutions emerge on the world horizon and get buried under the layers of time. Only those organizations are able to enhance their brilliance, which have some vitality, and have the ability to do something for the society. Without limit, restraint and discipline, vitality does not survive, abilities are lost. "Maryada Dharma" is the life force of organizations, it is life, and it is the essence of life. Having disciplined and restricted life is like illumination in the dark night.This "Maryada Dharama" act as a tower of light for a ship floating in the bottomless current of the ocean.

Terapanth Dharmasangh is a vital organization and in it the most important of the dignity. Its original originator, Acharya Bhikshu, in view of the plight and indiscipline of the then society, created limits. Make rules not only for the sadhus but also for the devotees. Keeping in view the due devotion and purification of conduct, he made the "Lakshman Rekha" of dignity. Ethics, purification of thoughts, fineness of organization and order was his main goal. The secret of the strength and longevity of a religious organization is its limitations. The Sangh is maintaining its dignity and is bound with some positive limitations. In the context of the limitations of Terapanth, it is said that it covers scarcity, curbs disorderliness, manages time, organizes the powers in the right direction, and adorns life with self-discipline.

The symbol of unity, organization, discipline and dignity of Terapanth Dharmasangh - Maryada Mahotsav. This is a unique festival in the world of festivals. Many festivals or programs are celebrated all over the world. Birthday and Nirvana Day are celebrated. But the tradition of celebrating "Maryada Mahotsav" has its own originality and speciality. The centre of the constitutional, organizational and cultural tendencies of the Sangh is the Maryada Mahotsav.  It is the period of appointment of "Chaturmas" and the overview of the previous year - the time of this festival. The medium of repetition and re-expression of the streams of dignity is - Maryada Mahotsav.

Maryada-Mahotsav is a unique festival of the world. This is the backbone of Terapanth's activities. The central grand event of Maryada Mahotsav is accommodated in the holy presence of the head of the Sangh. This year, in the presence of Acharya Shri Mahashraman, this 158th festival is being organized in Bidasar (Rajasthan) on 5th, 6th and 7th February, 2022, its background starts with the end of Chaturmas. To celebrate the Maryada Mahotsav of the present year, it was announced by Acharya  a long time ago. Hundreds of monks and saints who are in different parts of the world reach the festival site while walking in the presence of Acharya ji. On seeing the Guru, the leading sages and sages experience the vastness by merging their position and themselves.

Maryada Mahotsav is the Maha Kumbh Mela of Terapanth. It is organized for three days and during this period many creative things like teaching-training, inspiration-motivation, overview of past achievements, determination of future programs etc have been discussed. All the monks report their annual programs and achievements in written and orally. Special encouragement is given by the Guru for excellent works. If there is an incident of someone's pride, violation of dignity, then there is a proper retribution for it. It is a clear policy of the Sangh that if someone commits any mistake, don't hide it, don't spread it, but do it properly, and retaliate.
Every particle of nature is teaching us the matter of dignity. It is expected that by adopting human discipline and decorum, life should be enriched. This auspicious occasion of Maryada Mahotsav gives the same message to everyone that it is possible to solve problems only with dignity. Only the limit of the wanderer will become the true guidance. The river of the rising problems of the era can be crossed only by a strong boat of dignity. May we all be inspired by this unique and authentic culture of establishing dignity and making it proud on this land of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, elevate this fertile land of India to the peak of development, which is the grave of destruction.

Acharya Shri Tulsi and Acharya Shri Mahapragya have inspired the entire nation with their intense spiritual talent and with their energy, the Maryada Mahotsav of Terapanth Dharmasangh has also become the centre of faith of the people, has become an inspiration. This festival is not only a fair, the meeting of hundreds of enlightened sadhus becomes the announcer of this spiritual festival and creates a golden history. This festival is not only a planning but it inscribes new records of creativity on the board of the Sangh. At the time of the festival, it seems as if the urns of new creation are spewing, innumerable lamps of positivity are simultaneously lighting up. Every mind is filled with enthusiasm, every eye is fixed on the imagination of the year ahead, and every step seems to be filled with vigour. This great festival strengthens interpersonal relationships and brings intimacy to them. It gives a sense of unity in diversity. Maryada Mahotsav is the invisible carrier of federal consciousness. This is a unique festival to dedicate oneself to the whole. Its message is to discipline you, illuminate and inspire others. It is expected that this unique festival, celebrated in a religious congregation, becomes a celebration of the entire humanity.

Maryada Mahotsav is organized with the thought and determination that we have to do something new, to become new, to establish new footprints. Keeping an eye on the shortcomings of the past year, take a pledge not to make the mistake of repeating them. We have to resolve and take an oath that in the coming year we will not do anything that puts a question mark on our objectives, hopes, aspirations and ideals. By marking his achievements and reviewing his shortcomings, on this occasion, every person awakens his conscious consciousness and fills the colors of restraint and dignity in the lines of his fate, practices harmony and tolerance in the practice of life.  There is a price to be paid for being selfish. Be generous to the feelings of others. Being generous means that you understand someone's feelings without even telling them. Think about it, and again think about it. This will change the way you live. This training of the ideal style of living is the heart of Maryada Mahotsav.

Tolerance means having patience. Accepting the existence of others, the ability to live with everyone and listening to the thoughts of others - this is the basis of creating a peaceful and civilized society and this is the basis for the ceremony of Maryada Mahotsav. Institutions like family, village, society are falling apart. Relationships are ending. Intimacy is running out. The so-called development path we are walking is only external/material, taking us far away from all the virtues that flourish around tolerance. While the world is getting smaller due to modern media, man has built walls of ego around him, in which there is no room for tolerance. In the present conditions of the nation, spreading ideological and immoral pollution, economic criminalization, following uncultured customs, attitude of the young generation cut off from religious rites, increasing power in society-nation, prestige and blind attraction of wealth to anyone with life-contexts. By not compromising on any cost, let us value Indian culture with understanding. Only then "Maryada Mahotsav" will be able to give new prestige and new direction to the society and the nation on the basis of the Sangh.
Maryada Mahotsav is an ideal form of religion which gives faith in goodness and courage to fight against evils. The implication of this festival is that limitations cannot be separated from life. Limitations go along with life like a heartbeat. Maryada means the faith which keeps one conscious of the high ideals of life, pure policies and promises made. Consider these limitations as the gift of Maryada Mahotsav and integrate it with your life. This concept is also a mantra for success.


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