Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Sutra 25-29

Published: 03.12.2015

25. तदा णववकणनम्नंेकैवल्यप्राग्भायंणचत्तभ ॥२५॥्

tadā viveka-nimnaṁ kaivalya-prāg-bhāraṁ cittam ||25||

Then bent on discriminating the mind attains the previous state of Kaivalya (isolation).

Thus the practice of Yoga leads to discriminating power, to clearness of vision. The veil drops from the eyes, and we see things as they are. We find that this nature is a compound, and is showing the panorama for the Purusa, who is the witness; that this nature is not the Lord, that the whole of these combinations of nature are simply for the sake of showing these phenomena to the Purusa, the enthroned king within. When discrimination comes by long practice fear ceases, and the mind attains isolation.

26. तणच्छद्रेष ुप्रत्यमान्तयाणि संस्कायभ्य्े ॥२६॥

tac-chidreṣu pratyaya-antarāṇi saṁskārebhyaḥ ||26||

The thoughts that arise as obstructions to that are from impressions.

All the various ideas that arise making us belive that we require something external to make us happy are obstructions to that perfection. The Purusa is happiness and blessedness by its own nature. But that knowledge is covered over by past impressions. These impressions have to work themselves out.

27. हानभ एषां्िेशवदुिभ ॥२७॥्

hānam-eṣāṁ kleśavad-uktam ||27||

Their destruction is in the same manner as of ignorance, etc., as said before.

28. प्रसख्यानंऽप्यकेुसीदस्य सवथाणववयकख्यातेधेभयभयघ्े सभाणध्॥२८॥

prasaṁkhyāne-'py-akusīdasya sarvathā vivekakhyāteḥ dharma-meghas-samādhiḥ ||28||

Even when arriving at the right discriminating knowledge of the senses, he who gives up the fruits, unto him comes as the result of perfect discrimination, the Samadhi called the cloud of virtue.

When the Yogi has attained to this discrimination, all these powers will come that were mentioned in the last chapter, but the true Yogi rejects them all. Unto him comes a peculiar knowledge, a particular light called the Dharma Megha, the cloud of virtue. All the great prophets of the world whom history has recorded had this. They had found the whole foundation of knowledge within themselves. Truth to them had become real. Peace and calmness, and perfect purity became their own nature, after they had given up all these vanities of powers.

29. तत् िेशकभणनवयणत्त्ृ ॥२९॥

tatah kleshakarmanivrittih

From that comes cessation of pains and works.

When that cloud of virtue has come, then no more is there fear of falling, nothing can drag the Yogi down. No more will there be evils for him. No more pains.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras Edition: 1896

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