Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Sutra 30-34

Published: 21.11.2015

30. नाणबचिेकामव्यह ानभू ॥३०॥्

nābhicakre kāyavyūha-jñānam ||30||

On the navel circle (comes) the knowledge of the constitution of the body.

31. कण्ठकूऩ े णत्पऩासाणनवुणत्त्ृ ॥३१॥

kanṭha-kūpe kṣutpipāsā nivṛttiḥ ||31||

On the hollow of the throat (comes) cessation of hunger.

When a man is very hungry, if he can make Samyama on the pit of the throat hunger ceases.

32. कूभनाड्यांयस्थैमभय ॥३२॥्

kūrma-nāḍyāṁ sthairyam ||32||

On the nerve called Kurma (comes) fixity of the body.

When he is practising the body is not disturbed.

33. भधज्योणतणषू णसद्धदशनभय ॥३३॥्

mūrdha-jyotiṣi siddha-darśanam ||33||

On the light emanating from the top of the head sight of the Siddhas.

The Siddhas are beings who are a little above ghosts. When the Yogi concentrates his mind on the sop of his head he will see these Siddhas. The word Siddha does not refer to those men who have become free - a sense in which it is often used.

34. प्राणतबाद ्वा सवभय ॥३४॥्

prātibhād-vā sarvam ||34||

Or by the power of Pratibha all knowledge.

All these can come without any Samyama to the man who has the power of Pratibha (enlightenment from purity). This is when a man has risen to a high state of Pratibha; then he has that great light. All things are apparent to him. Everything comes to him naturally, without making Samyama on anything.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras Edition: 1896

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