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Posted: 26.10.2019
Are happy times really happy? To most, love, prosperity, health and prestige are not accessible. If a few of them are, they are never permanent. Only wisdom and not information and knowledge - is meaningful What an ultimate thought it is. To understand it in a wholesome manner follow the link attached herewith https://link.medium.com/raJfYQX250 Wisdom needs no books, no teachers link.medium.com The third sutra -...

19 ►Managing Time

Posted: 24.10.2019
Man belongs to the highest category of living beings in the sense that he possesses knowledge, ability to think and express himself and efficiency to accomplish his tasks. He determines his goal in the light of his knowledge and understanding. It is also his responsibil­ity to mobilise the resources to attain his goal. Realising his responsibility, he puts in efforts and marches ahead with self-confidence...

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Posted: 23.10.2019
Don't act merely based on emotions! Filter the feelings through Conscience and execute!!! ~~Acharya Mahashraman

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Posted: 22.10.2019
Character Linked With The Endocrine System:: The source of character lies deep within. One thing is clearly established today that one's character is not linked with one's brain, but with the endocrine system. Thought originates in the brain, but the brain is not influenced by thought. Anger and forgiveness, pride and modesty, deceit and straightforwardness, greed and contentment - these are not the outcome of...

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Posted: 22.10.2019
विवेक से होता है सही और गलत का बोध: आचार्यश्री महाश्रमण #AacharyaMahashramanJi #Pravachan विवेक से होता है सही और गलत का बोध: आचार्यश्री महाश्रमण www.jainterapanthnews.in ABTYP JTN Jain Terapanth News posts Acharya Mahashramanpravachans,...

17 ►Factors Leading to Individual Development

Posted: 22.10.2019
Every individual has his own personality. He has two aspects - natural and acquired. Some people have a natural personality which again, has two aspects- internal and external. His external personality is related to his physical health and well-being and way of life. A beautiful, well-formed body, proper physical structure, the sense organs that function properly, orderly manner of dressing, etc. constitute his...

19.10.2019 ►Indore ►3 days Preksha Meditation workshop

Posted: 21.10.2019
Indore: 19.10.2019 On the auspicious BIRTH CENETARY YEAR OF ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA, 3 days Preksha Meditation workshop was organised in Indore during 17-19 October 2020, with joint efforts from Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Preksha Foundation, Mahila Mandal, Yuvak Parishad & TPF at Terapanth Bhavan, New Palasiya, in the auspicious presence of Shashan Shri Sadhvi Satyavati, under the direction of Senior Preksha...

21.10.2019 ►Ladnun, Rajasthan ►Preksha Meditation Trainers Camp Level 1 & 2 in Feb 2020

Posted: 21.10.2019
Ladnun, Rajasthan: 21.10.2019 Preksha Meditation Trainers Training Camp: Level 1 and Level 2 Organiser: Preksha Foundation Venue: Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun Date: 9 to 17th February Workshop Fees: To be decided Registration can be done online at www.preksha.com. Eligibility for Level 1: Attended a in-house eight day Prekshadhyan camp Or M.A. in Jeevan Vighyan or Referred by a Senior Trainer. Eligibility for...

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Posted: 21.10.2019
Knowledge, Humility and Consciousness - Students should strive for perfection in this Trinity! They can then be more useful!!! ~~Acharya Mahashraman

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Posted: 20.10.2019
"Man must live for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself. " "Love is not just a feeling. It is doing." Such thoughts of wisdom explained in a very simple and effective manner. Follow the link attached. https://link.medium.com/ejb4jQWrV0 Create a rhythm in Relationships. link.medium.com The paradox of our wired world is that even though we are connected most...