Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 07 ► [07.03] Relative Estimation - The Equanimity Of Sant Eknath

Posted: 16.06.2007

A saint of Maharashtra named Eknath was returning from a bath in the Godavari. A man was sitting in the balcony. When he saw the saint coming, he thought of making the saint angry. As the saint passed below his balcony, he spit on him. It fell on the saint. To cleanse it, the saint once again set off towards the river. He had a bath and once again passed below that balcony. The man spit once again and once again the saint went back to the river. This happened twenty times and yet the saint did not have even an iota of anger towards that man. The man was disheartened. In spite of such continuous effort he could not make the saint angry. He came down and fell at the saint's feet and said, "I have committed a great crime. Please forgive me." The saint replied, "you have committed no crime. On the contrary you have helped me. Because of you I have become more fortunate. Everyday I go into the lap of the holy river Godavari once. You made me return twenty times to her and so I am grateful to you."

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