Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.15] Third Eye 1 - The Anekantic View In Meditational Practice

Posted: 27.04.2007

Even in the field of meditational practice no progress can be made without the opening of the third eye. The third eye opens when all the dirt in the mind is washed away, when all the dust and garbage heaped on the mind is cleared, then the mind becomes as clear as a looking glass.

A gentleman came and said, "Sir, my situation is strange. Whenever I sit down to meditate or pray, then many thoughts crowd my mind. Thoughts that have never crossed my mind appear and many impressions get created in the mind. So I think that when I do not practice meditation or indulge in any spiritual or religious activity, my mind does not get crowded with so many thoughts. So I give up meditation."

I said, "Within the mind there is a lot of garbage. There are many memories and impressions there. When we focus the mind, we interfere with those impressions. When the mind is scraped clean these impressions and memories come up all over again. The dirt that is hidden emerges once again before going away. It is good to remove this dirt. That is the path to development."

In meditation we need the anekantic view. Through it all problems would be solved. When we are dogmatic about one thing, then there is a problem.

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