Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.08] Third Eye 1 - Anekanta Is The Real Eye

Posted: 17.04.2007

One gentleman asked, "Is there rebirth? After death is the soul born again? Is this possible?" I replied that if you know destruction and creation, then rebirth is possible.

If one eye is open and watches destruction, the other watches creation and you see only with two eyes, then of course rebirth is not possible. Why should we even discuss it? What is the use of such a discussion? One day a being was born and came within our vision. We saw his birth with one eye and his death with the other eye. With both eyes we saw his life and death. When we see with two eyes, the question of rebirth does not arise. If we want to know about rebirth then we have to develop our third eye. We have to search for the third eye. We have to develop the vision of the third eye. We have to open the eye of anekanta.

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