Samani Mangal Pragya Now Acting Vice-Chancellor Of JVBI Ladnun

Posted: 15.09.2006
Updated on: 13.02.2008

After Mrs. Regunathan had resigned from her function as vice-chancellor of JVBI Ladnun, Samani Mangal Pragya is now acting vice-chancellor. For one month, she had been working as pro-vice-chancellor of the Jain University.

Her decision for leading a spiritual life as a Jain nun had directed her life to realise the ethical values promoted in Jain philosophy not only in her daily life, but to implant them in that of others as well. Although she does not live in the world as lay followers do, she is very familiar with worldly opportunities and customs through her many encounters with lay followers seeking her advice and guidance.

Her dedication to the welfare of mankind has formed her personality. The welfare of mankind is not easy to perceive, one needs an experienced Guru for this. Her Gurudev is H.H. Acharyashree himself, who taught her how to realise the spiritual way in daily life, without being involved in worldly affairs of profit and loss, and to look at them with a detached view, not having any personal interests in mind.

Detached view has the advantage that the head remains clear and the lane between heart and mind can consciously be frequented. For a Samani with such an outstanding modest, detached and realistic personality as Samani Mangal Pragyaji, without mentioning her scientific outlook towards religion and life, it is possible to keep the balance between the administrative and scientific concerns of the university on one hand, and the self-aware and realised view of a spiritual human being on the other. Her special knowledge in Anekantvada will help her to see the worldly as well the spiritual aspects of a subject from many angles for the benefit of the whole.

We are happy, dear Dr. Samani Mangal Pragyaji, that now the head of the spiritual university is a senior disciple of it's spiritus rector H.H. Acharyashree Mahaprajna.

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