Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.13] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Problem of Modern Economics

Posted: 23.01.2006

The biggest problem of Modern Economics is the absence of any consideration or thought about the purity of means. Without purity of means, we cannot think of non-violence and peace. Are not the material possessions at the back of the wars being waged in the present times? If the issue is probed deeper, the truth will reveal itself. Big factories exist for the production of arms and ammunitions. The armament industry has today gained dominance. Whenever wars stop and peace is established, then the powerful nations producing armaments ignite war in one or the other corner of the world. The objective is the sale of their weapons. This industry directed at annihilation gets decimated in times of enduring peace. It is the armament industry that keeps the wars to be frequented. Indeed these industries involving millions and billions of dollars owe their existence on the foundations of violence.

Let us analyse the global economy in this context. One would be aghast to find the amount of expenditure being made globally on the manufacture of weapons. One of the most basic needs of India is education that builds personality and improves the quality of life. If the money being spent on education and defence is compared, a wide divergence will be found in favour of defence. While hardly two or three percent is spent on education, huge budgets are provided for defence. Globally, a major part of the world's income is spent on defence. If these resources are used for the eradication of poverty and for securing and maintaining peace, perhaps, the world's economic problems will be resolved. But the owners of the armament industry who have vested interests will not allow its accomplishment.

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