Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [12] 3rd IPMC - 14:00 Preksha Meditation

Posted: 16.01.2005
Updated on: 15.02.2008

The afternoon program started with meditation, here Samani Pratibha Pragyaji from JVB London (on the right) guides a session on alternate breathing, Samani Punya Pragyaji is practising it with high concentration.

The participants feel the benefits of a relaxed, but anyhow alert mental state, when breath develops from mechanical to conscious process.

Some prefer to intensify the process of breathing through one nostril alternately only by closing the other nostril with the finger, others just watch what is happening in body during alternate breathing.

The process results in a peacefully present, fully energised mind, not absorbed with remeberances of the past or projects of the future.

After Vande Sachcham and recitation of Sharan Sutra, the aphorim 'Search the truth yourself and be friend with all living beings' concluded all sessions.

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