Posted: 06.10.2004
Updated on: 24.01.2012


Arahant, Arahanta, Arhat, Arihanta, Arihantas, Arihants

Sanskrit: अर्हत árhat

Ari - enemy,
Hanta - one who destroys

One who has overcome internal enemies (Kaṣāyas).

Arihants have destroyed all gathi karma and are still living until they reach the siddha status.

One who has conquered/destroyed his inner enemies like anger, greed, deceit, ego, etc., an enlightened soul, who has reached the last stage before final liberation and knows the reality as it exists and sees the truth in its entirety.

The Jain Doctrine of Karma is based on the observations of the Arihants.

Tirthankaras are special Arihants because they revitalize the Jain Sangh.


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