Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 10 ► [10.12] Optimistic Perspective - Two Limits Of Knowledge

Posted: 30.09.2007

There are two limits of knowledge, one is the limit set by the intellect and the other is that set by experience. The comprehensive way to meditation and penance is experience. This not an intellectual path. So if the intellectuals argue against it, it is no surprising. The job of the intellect is to argue. Those who practice meditation and restraint do not use only logic and intellect as the touchstone. That is not their path. Their pathway is paved with experience and so their touchstone will naturally be different.

The one who has used experience itself as the touchstone and tasted the sweetness of experience will know there can be no other superior route. This is not just a path, it is the only supreme path. This is not a despairing but a highly optimistic perspective. It is possible that one who uses his intellect as the touchstone may find this perspective pessimistic. We should not take offence or be surprised. Logic has its own path, which can become complicated but the path of experience is different.

A head clerk told the other clerks, "During office hours you go for a shave and that takes a long time. Do not take your shave during office hours." One clerk replied, "When the hair can grow during office hours, they can be cut also at that time. If you find a way of stopping hair growth during office hours, we will also not cut it during office hours."

This is the language of logic, not of the intellect. Those who live within the limits of the intellect and logic speak this language.

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