Kolkata - Paryushan Celebrations 2007 - Day 8 - Samvatsari

Posted: 25.09.2007
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Sadhvi Nirvan Shree

Paryushan 2007 Celebrations

Day 8

Samvatsari Mahaparva


The last day of the eight days religious worship - “Paryushan Mahaparva” is known as Samvatsari Mahaparva, that is the Great Annual Festival. Millions of people observe a fast on this day, recite the deity’s name, practice meditation, engage themselves in studies, listen to discourses & undertake deep self - analysis.


Thousands of men & women from Greater Kolkata and adjoining area came for celebrating the Samvatsari Festival under the pious presence and guidance of Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji, Dr. Ygkshemprabhaji, Kundanyashaji, Lavanyaprabhaji and Muditprabhaji. The Programme started well before the sunrise with lay followers coming in for their daynight long Poushadhbrata.


Sadhvi Nirvan Shree



Sadhvi Kundan Yashaji
Sadhavishree Nirvanshreeji said that, the Samvatsari is a festival of “Atma-Sudhi”(Soul-Purification). She said that today is the day of Forgiveness. The man endowed with forgiveness is freed from the poison of bitterness & he becomes like nectar. It is one of the four doors leading to religion & also first among the ten offices enjoined on monks. Forgiveness is life’s splendor. It is, therefore, necessary to disseminate forgiveness far and wide.

Sadhavishreeji advised the present lay followers to establish a relationship of love, forgiving the misdeeds in past with everyone. On the occasion of this great Festival of Forgiveness ‘SAMYAKTVA RATNA’ is the most valuable jewel. This jewel is to be kept secured for the development of our soul. The day of ‘SAMVATSARI’ provides a golden opportunity to us for making our health & mind beautiful & of interaction with our own self. She further said that people spend not less than 12-13 hours, for beautifying the body, which is nothing better than a disposable coat but forgets to give even a single moment for beautifying its soul, which is very essential as it would help to preserve our beauty forever. Samvatsari, every year gives ample opportunity to one to beautify the soul and attain that lasting beauty forever.

Sadhvi Dr. Yogkhemprabhaji acquainted the lay followers with the importance of Pratikaman (an act observed whereby one confesses the transgressions committed during the day). She said it is a must for every lay follower to perform Pratikaman on this day of samvatsari. Even great souls like Sita, Draupadi, and Subhadra etc had to bear the results of not doing pratikraman for the mistakes committed by them in their last/previous birth. So everybody must attend to pratikraman to purify the soul.



Inspired by her speech and also continuous preaching by Sadhvishree Nirwanshreeji, Most of the active youngsters who were busy with the organizational part of the south Kolkata sabha during the paryushan, came forward and joined with 4 prahari poushadh (an act by which one becomes a muni for from sunset to sunrise).

On this occasion the history of Jain sect beginning from the 23rd tirthankara Lord Parshwanath was narrated by Sadhvi Dr. Yogkshemprabhaji highlighting how jealousy can take a soul low down for several and at times infinite births and how the affection with all creatures can uplift the dignity of a soul and finally it becomes free from all bondage. Sadhvi shree ji described the life of Bhagwan Mahavira and his teachings too.

Sadhvi Kundanyashaji and Muditprabhaji narrated the life and teachings of various Jain Acharya who has glorified the Jainism & humanity with their valuable contribution, beginning with Sudharma Swami, the first Ganadhar.

Thousands of people had observered the fast & nearly 1000 men & women has done the posadh (adopting saint life for one day). The evening activities during the Paryushan period had been successfully organized by the various regional sabhas, yuvak parishad and Mahila Mandal.

The Programme of the day was compered by Sri Bhanwarlal Singhi.


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