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Posted: 06.11.2013
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   Samani Bhavit Pragya

Samani Sangh Pragya

Jai Jinendra,

18th Annual Spiritual camp will be held from 17th January to 19th January 2014 in Orlando.

The theme of the camp is:

Let us Learn to Live

Camp will be led by 4 distinguished Samanijis:

  • Samani Bhavit Pragya ji
  • Samani Sangh Pragya ji
  • Samani Unnata Pragya ji
  • Samani Ramaniya Pragya ji

The 3 day camp will be about the 12 golden principles for Holistic Living. We will contemplate on some of these principles aimed at refining not only the inner-self but also the overall personality. So come, let us all reflect upon living a holistic life. It begins with introspection, self-evaluation and practicing a conscious "mindfulness" in every voluntary activity. There will be parallel sessions for children.Please see the details for the camp in the attached flyer and register for the camp at the earliest.

Best Regards,

JVB, Orlando

18th Annual Spiritual Camp at JVB Orlando.pdf

Camp Questionnaire:

Dear Shravak and Shravika,
Jai Jinendra,

We are all excited about our upcoming Annual Camp during January 17-19, 2014. This being our 18th Annual camp, we plan to be progressive towards Applied Jainism.
The theme of our camp is "Let us Learn to Live".
It is based on the book "Life: Let us learn to live" by Respected Acharya Shri Mahashramanji.

To help you orient towards this theme of the camp, we are taking the first step towards it now.

We have prepared a questionnaire with 9 questions as attached herewith.
Each question is based on a Chapter from the book.
For example, the first question is: "How would you describe your sleep last night?"
and it is based on the Chapter "The Art of Sleeping".

The idea is to help you observe your daily activities.
The goal of this exercise is to help you do those activities with more Awareness.

Please observe your daily activities for any one week and fill in numbers 0-4 in each of the boxes for that day.
For example, in the first question:
If you had very sound and long enough sleep last night then you put number 4 in Day 1 box, as indicated.

If you like, you can make more copies of this spreadsheet and use them for more weeks.
The more you use it, the better Awareness you will be able to create towards your daily activities.

We strongly recommend you to do this exercise for at least one week at any time before attending the camp.
That will help you maximize the benefit of the camp.

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