JVB Houston ►Annual Day Celebrations ►12. & 13.10.2013

Posted: 25.09.2013
Updated on: 30.07.2015

JVB Preksha Meditation Center

invites you along with friends & family for its

Annual Day Celebrations

under the guidance of Samani Parimal Pragya Ji & Samani Vikas Pragya Ji

Saturday & Sunday October 12th & 13th, 2013

Saturday October 12th, 2013


Special Preksha Meditation Workshop

Conducted by Samanijis




Sunday October 13th, 2013


Adhar Abhishek Pooja

Under guidance of Shri Jayesh Khona







2PM-4 PM

Cultural Program, Appreciation, Pravachan, Bhajan





** Cultural Program by Gyanshala students, Pravachan by Samaniji.

Adhar Abhishek Pooja Celebrations

Adhar Abhishek Pooja

Fixed Boli - 12 Families only


Surya & Chandra Darshan

Fixed Boli - 1 Family


Kshetra Pal Pooja

Fixed Boli - 1 Family


Argya Arpan

Fixed Boli - 1 Family


Digpal Pooja

Fixed Boli - 1 Family


Shanti Kalash

Fixed Boli - 1 Family


Dhvaj Laharana

Fixed Boli - 1 Family


Aarti & Mangal Divo

Upto 2 Families

Open Boli

Lunch Sponsorship

Upto 3 Families


Tea/Snacks Sponsorship



The fixed Boli for Poojas will open on October 1st & close on October 12th.
For Adhar Abhishek Pooja - Maximum 12 families can participate & each family will perform three (3) Abhisheks. To participate in Bolis, please contact Bimla Jain at 281.596.9309 (jainbimla@gmail.com) or JVB Houston at 281.596.9642 (info@jvbhouston.org). In case you get voicemail, please leave your name, phone # & the Boli you are interested in. Boli shall be filled on a first come first serve basis. 

Pooja Participation Requirements

  • Pooja participants are to wear Pooja Dress.
  • No ‘Black’ outfit during Pooja inside temple.

Upcoming Events:

  • iChoose - Wealth Management (for young adults) - Saturday September 28th, 2013; 3:30PM - 5:30PM (Contact Vivek Jain - 281.650.4782 or Nishant Jain - 281.460.0557)

Regular Weekly Program Schedule:

Tuesday (Mangal Day - A great program for Adults/Seniors)
9:00 am Jain Studies
10:00 am - 12:00 noon Geet, Relaxation & Meditation
12:00 noon - 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Audio Spiritual Discourse & Discussions


8:00pm Spiritual Discourses

9:30am Yoga & Meditation (For Ladies only)

9:00am Yoga & Meditation for a Healthy Life

2nd Saturday
9:00am-1:00pm Preksha Meditation Workshop (Register)

1st & 3rd Sunday
9:50am-1:00pm Childrens' Gyanshala (Sunday School) (See website for more information)

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