Makaranda - Essays in honour of Dr. James C. Harle

Published: 07.05.2012

Contributed articles which bring into focus the life and rich contributions of Dr. James C. Harle towards illuminating Sculptures of Gupta period as well as Art and Architecture of Indian sub-continent.


Claudine Bautze-Picron
Sri Satguru Publications, Delhi
xi + 243, figs.


Bibliography of Dr. James C. Harle.

  1. The cult of Axis Mundi and the pre-Asokan stupa / John Irwin.
  2. Enigmatic 'Winged' figures in the early terracotta art of India / Marianne Yaldiz.
  3. Terracotta types of Mother Goddess from Ksatrapa levels at Sonkh / Herbert Hartel.
  4. Narratives in Bharhut / R.C. Sharma.
  5. The Bilingual silver coinage of Eucratides the Great / David W. MacDowall.
  6. A flaming Buddha and his devotees from far-away countries / Maurizio Taddei.
  7. Positive examples of Sasanian influence on Gandharan art / Katsumi Tanabe.
  8. Some Khumbhanda figures on Mathura railing-pillars / Prithvi K. Agrawala.
  9. Naras and Kimnaras in a rocky landscape / Ellen M. Raven.
  10. Pregnant or pot-bellied? / Pratapaditya Pal.
  11. A Visnu Torso from Baramula and some related images from Kashmir / John Siudmak.
  12. The newly discovered Maitreya from Sankhamul, Kathmandu Valley / Adalbert J. Gail.
  13. Rsis, gurus and kings in Orissa temple art / Thomas E. Donaldson.
  14. The Visvarupa sculpture from Suhania at Gwalior / Thomas S. Maxwell.
  15. Early Buddhist sculpture at Kurkihar: the Buddha images / Claudine Bautze-Picron.
  16. Two images of Bodh-Gaya / Debala Mitra.
  17. The Kailasanatha Temple at Ellora / Stanislaw Czuma.
  18. Nagendravahini Devi: the Snake-Goddess on an Elephant Mount / Gouriswar Bhattacharya.
  19. The issue of influence in Burmese art / Janice Leoshko.
  20. The 'Vredenburg manuscript' in the Victoria and Albert Museum / J.P. Losty.
  21. A personified trident from the Cola period / Francoise L'Hernault.
  22. Tirumala Nayak's Choultry and an eighteenth century model / John Guy.
  23. A dispersed Gita Govinda series in the Mewar-Deccani style/Andrew Topsfield.
  24. Painting at Katholi-the later phase / Joachim Bautze.
  25. A Mughal painted textile in the Royal Ontario Museum / Yolande Crowe.
  26. Early contributions to Indian archaeology by British Amateur artists / Mildred Archer


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  1. Adalbert J. Gail
  2. Buddha
  3. Delhi
  4. Dr. Janice Leoshko
  5. Ellora
  6. Gita
  7. Gwalior
  8. John Guy
  9. Kathmandu
  10. Mathura
  11. Orissa
  12. Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
  13. Victoria and Albert Museum
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