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Published: 18.01.2012
Updated: 13.07.2015 Reader,


This HN4U website takes another important step. We switched to Version 3.5. on 18.January 2012 at 10 am local Berlin time.


To realize the concept of HN4U we came to the conclusion that we have to develop our own database & publishing software to overcome the experienced limitations.


So we started the project to replace the current system which will be finished by Version 4.0.


From version 3 to version 4 we are on half way now. The new database concept will be realized by 4.0.

Version 3.5 comes with a new look & feel and new features, while access by menus stays the same and all menus are located on top of pages now.

  • New in Magazine:
    • Content appears in chronological order. Latest on top.
      • Timeline slider & switches to navigate back & forth in time.

        Range Info on right side:

  • All menus and pages are redesigned. You will see yourself. All is easy to use and provide extended information.
  • Most Popular Articles (Top 20) - in right column.

  • Latest Glossary Items - in right column.

  • Links into Glossary provide a preview by mouse over position.

  • A lot of reorganising work has been done to handle the growing content of HN4U.

    • A new counter is built in the right column:
    7299   Articles
    2018   Glossary Items
    87   Books online
    103   Books @ Bookshop
  • Books Online

    Starts with:

      • Current Online Books in Progress
      • Reader's Top 10 Listing
      • Complete list of authors | books.

  • Articles Archive
    • Index opens on "A"
    • shows author of article now

  • Icons per document type for orientation.

  • Glossary shows more information in the new right column.

  • MEDIA menu is deactivated and will come back after some while. A new database interface is under construction.

  • CALENDAR menu is deactivated. Will be back in V4.0.

Version 4.0 is something we dream of since long time.

For the moment we hope you will enjoy Version 3.5. and please send us your feedback and your further wishes to editors[at]

Aparigraha Jain Geerdes
Publisher & Editor
Berlin, Germany

The man behind Software & Design of Version 3.5 & V.4.0: Raoul Huebner

Profile picture

Please watch for progress:

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