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Posted: 18.12.2011
Updated on: 10.01.2012


Muni Jayant Kumar gives reference of Acharya Mahaprajna. Acharya Mahaprajna said that every person should fix aim for life. Muni Jayant Kumar remind all of us that while you make resolution for New Year 2012 please make aim for life and only then we can welcome New Year. He indicates some points.

  1. We take vow to end corruption and best way is that we start from self.
  2. We take vow to protect environment.
  3. No misuse of water and electricity in our personal use.
  4. Give good Sanskar to new generation
  5. Develop feeling of Visarjan.

Muni Jayant Kumar who is Media In charge of Terapanth Sangh reminds us to include all these points while welcoming New Year 2012.

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