Acharya Mahaprajna is the author of many books. Some of them were published under his former names: Muni Nathmal and Yuvacharya Mahaprajna. Most books are in Hindi, some of them in English.

The following is a list of

Acharya Mahaprajnaji's Books in English:

  1. A Handbook Of Preksha Meditation For The Trainers
  2. Abstract Thinking
  3. Acharang Bhasyam [Ayaro - Acaranga Sutra]
  4. Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker par Excellence
  5. Anekanta - The Third Eye
  6. Anekant - Reflections and clarifications
  7. Anekant - Views and Issues
  8. Democracy - Social Revolution Through Individual Transformation
  9. Economics Of Lord Mahavira
  10. Every Day
  11. Handbook Of Preksha Meditation
  12. Happy & Harmonious Family
  13. I and Mine
  14. Int'l Seminar on Anekant - A Dialogue on Human Concerns
  15. Jainism And Its Philosophical Foundations
  16. Jainism - Ethics and Morality
  17. Jeevan Vigyan
  18. Lamp Of Light Lamps
  19. Lord Mahavira's Scripture of Health
  20. Mind Beyond Mind
  21. New Dimensions of Jain Logic
  22. New Man New World
  23. Non-Violence And Its Many Facets
  24. Philosophical Foundations Of Jainism (An Introduction)
  25. Preksha Dhyana - Theory And Practice
  26. Preksha Dhyana Basic Principles
  27. Preksha Dhyana Contemplation and Auto Suggestion
  28. Preksha Dhyana Perception of Body
  29. Preksha Dhyana Perception of Breathing
  30. Preksha Dhyana Perception of Psychic Centres
  31. Preksha Dhyana Self Awareness by Relaxation
  32. Preksha Dhyana Therapeutic Thinking
  33. Prekshadhyan - An Introduction
  34. Ramblings Of An Ascetic
  35. Sambodhi
  36. Sound Of Silence
  37. Steering The Wheel of Dhamma
  38. The Art of Positive Thinking
  39. The Call Of Dawn
  40. The Mirror Of The Self
  41. The Mysteries of Mind
  42. The Quest For Truth
  43. The Vision of a New Society
  44. Thought At Sunrise
  45. Towards Inner Harmony
  46. Truth Of Life
  47. Why Meditate?

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