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Posted: 31.08.2011
Updated on: 02.09.2011

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Day six of Paryushan 2011 programme was celeberated at South Kolkata Terapanth Bhawan in pious presence of Sadhvi Kanak Shri Ji, a learned disciple of H.H. Acharya Mahashraman Ji. addressing hundreds of shrawakas and shrawikas present in the discourse, Sadhvishri Ji said - 'To make the life successful, it is essential to get in touch with great people and listen to pious and religious discourses. The prayers and rememberance of the 'arhat' - liberated souls and the Guru gives us so much of power that the boat of the life sails and crosses the sea of unlimited births and gets liberation from the karmic bondage. The preachings of Lord mahavira are meaningful in present context and they emanating ray of light in the darkness of evils. The chanting of the 'Chauvisathaw' - remembering the virtues of the 24 Tirthankaras are very effective and regular chanting of the same leads to sound health, prudence and peace.

Sadhvi Madhulata Ji also spoke on the process of chanting of particular mantras.She said that the mantras are those which if followed methodically, can bring change in the life of a Sadhak and leads to internal peace and happiness. Timely and routine chanting of selected mantras rejuvinates internal power and the consciousness becomes transparent. One becomes fearless and external obstacles turns ineffective. So we must develop the habit of chanting mantras at a fixed time for a definite period.

The days programme beagan with manglacharan by ladies wing from North Kolkata. Many tapaswis with fasts of over days were also present and took vow to continue the same further.

The previous evening a competition on chanting of 'Bhaktamar stotra' was organised by Kolkata Purvanchal Sabha. The presentation of chanting of the Stotra and various stanzas from it were sweet and interesting. The Purvanchal Kolkata team led by its president Sri Sushil Chopra effectively coordinated the programme. The winners of the competition were presented memento and prizes by the Purvanchal Sabha.

The uninterrupted chanting of namokar mantra entered its th day. The previous day female wing of shrawikas/Mahila Mandal from Ballygunge and South Howrah participated in it and during the night gents from Kolkata Purvanchal continued the same.

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