Posted: 24.01.2006
Updated on: 17.01.2012


Mahamastak Abhisheka, Mahamastakabhishek, Mahamasthakabhisheka , Mahā-mastaka-abhiṣeka, Mahā-mastakābhiṣēka, Mahāmastaka Abhiśeka, Mahāmastakābhiṣeka

Head anointing ceremony

  • Bahubali Mahamastakabhisheka 2018


Mahamastakabhisheka, head anointing ceremony, of Lord Bahubali's 18 meters high statue at Shravanabelagola is held every twelve years. This Digamber Jain festival contains of a ritualistic process where the statue is poured with holy water, tender coconut water, kashka chooma and sandalwood paste.


The Mahamastakabhisheka celebration is held as a symbol of world peace and coexistence, as well as of Ahimsa and restraint as a means for sustained solution to the world's problems.


Award-winning photographer Karoki Lewis went to Shravanabelagola 2006 to capture the sights and sounds of the festival: Audio slideshow: Spectacular Jain Festival (BBC NEWS)



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