Wishing you all a Very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2011

Published: 30.12.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015



Distinguished members of ISJS family:

Sadar Jai Jinendra

Wishing you all a Very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2011

The year 2010 is coming to close shortly. As most of you will be going on Family get together and celebrations, Christmas break and vacations, I take this opportunity to share some of the significant developments that have taken place at ISJS recently and during 2010.

A. Future works

  • Nine ISSJS2011 announced: We have announced three levels of ISSJSs for 2011 along with four specialized modules of one week each on meditation, pilgrimage, reading one Jain holy text each in Prakrat and Sanskrit. Response had been very encouraging and we expect significantly more participants in these programs in India and Thailand. Also Prof Jeffery Long of Elizabethtown PA has agreed to be the guest faculty for a week in ISSJS2011.
  • Proving financial support to three PhD students from Universities of Pennsylvania and Columbia to present papers at AAS-ICAS conference in Hawaii in March- April 2011.

B. Key projects initiated in Nov Dec 2010

  • Organized very successfully the first of a series of three seminars on: ” Integrating Modern Science and Spirituality for Social Wellness: A Challenge of 21st Century on Dec 11th -12th at PHD Chamber New Delhi. This will be followed by one more seminars each at Varanasi and Jaipur later on.
    Organized a faculty conclave on Dec 15th to 16th attending by over 15 faculty members from all over India and Prof Chapple of LMU USA. We all discussed ways and means to enhance the teaching methodology, course content and structure of various programs offered in ISSJS2011.

  • Translated, edited and getting the set of four books on Jain history from 1st tirthankara to 500AD by Ac Hasti Malji in English had been completed for launch on January 1st 2011 by Samyak Gyan Pracharak Mandal Jaipur. It will be an excellent reference book for students of Jain history and culture.
    Publishing a book on Jain Society in India and Abroad by Prof P.C. Jain of JNU (ISJS faculty member). With Key to Reality in Jainism (Tattvarthasutra in English in easy to understand question and answer form) ISJS is implementing its publication services in English for global students and scholars of Jainism.

  • MOU with Vanier College of Montreal Canada for joint programs and faculty / student exchange is signed. Similar MOUs are under progress with other universities of North America.

  • MOUs with Mangalayatan University Aligarh and Teerthanker Mahaveer University Moradabad finalized for setting up centres of Jain studies there and to jointly award certificates, MA and PhD programs.

  • Cooperation with Parashwanath Vidhyapeeth Varanasi extended to have ISJS run the institute and make it an international centre of Jain education. BHU had renewed their recognition of the institute to jointly award PhD degrees to institutes candidates. Jain community has whole heartedly approved this arranged and is providing financing support to Parashwanath Vidhyapeeth to develop Jain education and Meditation programs for global delivery along with research and publication work going on. International Jain scholars already inducted in the advisory council of the institute.

ISJS alumni are registering for PhD programs with thesis on Jain philosophy and having ISJS as recommending and guiding institute. Three ISJS alumni are returning to ISJS for extended periods of studies of Prakrat, Sanskrit and Jain philosophy /art in 2011 under various scholarships and grants.

Dec 11th -12th at PHD Chamber, New Delhi

Dec 15th to 16th at Chhotidadabari, New Delhi

MOU with Vanier College of Montreal Canada

D. July 2010-October 2010

  • Prof Nathan Katz, Chair Bhagwan Mahavira of Florida International University visits ISJS. Cooperation between FIU and ISJS is being explored.
  • ISJS along with Jain community of Atlanta hosted a dinner reception on October 29th at Jain Centre Atlanta to the academics to DANAM and AAR conferences where they presented papers on various aspects of Jainism.
  • Two batches of 25 students and faculty members each (Principia College Illinois USA and University of Waterloo Toronto Canada) visited ISJS Delhi for a day long exposure to Jainism and Jain way of life.
  • Organized a seminar on Non violence jointly with Mahidol University Bangkok on Oct 1st. Director delivered three lectures more at different universities of Bangkok a day before.

Prof Nathan Katz, Chair Bhagwan Mahavira of Florida International University visits ISJS

Non violence jointly with Mahidol University & other universities Bangkok

E. January - July 2010

  • We have already informed you about the tremendous success of ISSJS2010 and the resulting fallout as seen above.
  • With your continued patronage, guidance and financial support, ISJS is set to be the foremost Jain studies centre globally.

Prof Peter Flügel of SOAS Univ of London visits ISJS Delhi

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