24.12.2010 ►Xmas Poem

Posted: 24.12.2010
Updated on: 02.07.2015

Has your mind ever stopped to grapple
With the thought that in the Bethlehem stable
On that special holy night
Donkey, sheep and cattle were equally in sight?

At Christmastime we should not forget
That there's no need for animals to be ate.

Even in crises times have moved on
since we needed animals lives to be foregone.

So I most categorically favour
us eating only plants in future.

We don't need meat for our nutrition
Whereas we must do this to protect creation
and the whole of our planet earth
in order that there will finally be peace on earth,
including between human people
and different species of animal.

That's what I'm advocating today.

So how about on Christmas day
Not eating a single piece of meat
So it could really be a Feast
Of love....
Not involving shedding of blood.

Salmon, hare, deer, goose and sow
will be very grateful to 'thou'.
They ask for just one Christmas gift,
The same as us: to live. To LIVE!

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