Programs During Chaturmas 2010 of Sadhvi Sri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji ►Titilagarh, Orissa

Posted: 05.12.2010
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Programs During Chaturmas 2010

Sadhvi Sri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji
@ Titilagarh, Orissa


8 days fasting of pairs - In Total of 32 pairs.


Total 64 people participated in 8 days fasting samaroh. 8 days fasting is called Athai Tapasya in Jainism. All Tapswi were sitting in a single row. They were congratulated by Sadhvi Sri Dr. Kundan Rekha ji.


30 days fasting - in total of 5 persons

Kiran Bai, Shakuntala Bai, Munni Bai, Sabita devi and Vimala devi were done 1 month fasting (Maskhaman tapasya). In jainism Tapasya is one of the important way to get salvation and in physically also is very effective way to purify our body and to increase stamina power without food.


A special week programme related to Anuvrat (Rules of Self restraint).

26-9-2010 to 2-10-2010

1st day was celebrated as environment day. A debate was also organized on save environment for school students. 2nd 3rd and 4th day was celebrated as science of living day,Anuvrat day and sampradayik souhard day. Next 3 days as nashamukti day, discipline day and last day as nonviolence day.


Chitta Samadhi Shivir- 3 days programme for peace of psyche.

This camp was organized only for ladies and adults. Sadhvi sri Dr. Kundan rekha ji preached about harmonious relationship in family. And gave some ticks on how to develop love between family members. Dr. Dharini Jain also instructs the participants about anand bhavna.


Colour painting programme on Jain symbol.

Organized by Terapanth Kanya Mandal.


Women empowerment Programme - Organised by Terapanth mahila mandal

25 July 2010


1 day programme for healthy people and healthy society.


Samuhik  Aayambil (1 days special fasting) in total of above 250 persons.

3 October 2010


Poushadh (being like saint for 1 day with fasting without water) in total of 400 persons.

12 September


Talk show on Indianisation and to save moral values.

Main topic of this talk show was- freedom vs. unnecessary liberty.

5th October.


A special programme to save girl child and also to restrict abortion in perspect of nonviolence.

Date- 5 October 2010. 

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8 days program for paryushan aradhana and Samvatsari Mahaparva (main festival week for being yourself).

5th September to 12 September


Shravak Vrat Diksha - in total of 111 person

1 to 2 September 2010


Mantra Diksha program specially on namaskara mahamantra by Terapanth Yuvak Parishad - in total of 135 participants.

25 August- 2010.

Samuhik 3 days fasting - total 35 participants.

Date- 8 October- 2010


Samvyaktwa  diksha programme- 75 in total

Date: 25 august 2010


3 days Preksha meditation camp


1 day Preksha Meditation Camp for professional.


A play by Kanya Mandal

20th November.

The name of this play was “Raja shrenik ki Amar gatha”. This play was prepared by Dr. Dharini Jain. 27 Participants were participated in this play.

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