Posted: 11.08.2010
Updated on: 17.12.2012

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

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Rajasthani: अजमेर,
Urdu: اجمیر

formerly written Ajmere, is a city in Ajmer District in India's Rajasthan state. Ajmer is located 135 kilometres (84 mi) west to state capital Jaipur. Being surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains, Ajmer, also known as Ajaymeru, was the city once ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan. Its population was approximately 500,000 in 2001. The city gives its name to Ajmer district, and also to a former province of British India called Ajmer-Merwara, which, after India's independence, became the state of Ajmer. On November 1, 1956, it was merged into Rajasthan state.


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