Posted: 15.07.2010
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Humcha, Karnataka, India

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also Humbaj or Hamchawadi,

is a hamlet located in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The place is famous for Humcha Jain Temples, especially Padmavati Devi Temple, and for the Jain Matha, which is the seat of the Bhattaraka of Humcha.

Bhattaraka of Humcha

Humcha is the seat of Balatkara Gana (also named Balatkara Gana Saraswati Gaccha), which is headed by the Bhattaraka of Humcha whose traditional name is Devendrakirti. The Bhattaraka seat was founded in the 8th century CE during the reign of Jinadatta Rai, founder of the ruling dynasty of Santar. In 1048 CE the Mahamandaleshwara Chandarayarus made a donation to a Bhattaraka of Balagara-gana at Balligame near Banavasi in present-day Karnataka. Thus, the Bhattaraka seat at Humcha may be one of the oldest of its kind. The current Bhattaraka Dharmakirti succeeded in October 2010 to Bhattaraka Devendrakirti, who passed away in July 2010.


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