Samavasarana of Aranatha, 18th Tirthankara (12)

Posted: 16.06.2010
Updated on: 30.11.2012


Samavasarana of Aranatha, 18th Tirthankara

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This painting shows an elaborate depiction of the celestial assembly hall. An auspicious design of Nandyavarta is in the front part of Tirthankara's throne. This identifies the Tirthankara as Aranatha, 18th Tirthankara. Each Tirthankara attains enlightenment under a particular tree, which is associated with that Tirthankara. In this painting, Tirthankara Aranatha is sitting under profusely bloomed tree named Indian Valerian (Tagar).

Mendicants (Monks), devotees, birds and animals all have gathered in the celestial assembly hall to listen to the Tirthankara. There are musicians celebrating the event.

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