And The Bird Flew Away

Posted: 18.05.2010

No one knew that the discourse delivered by Acharya Shri Mahapragya on the 9th May 2010 would be the last one. Mahapragya ji himself was unaware of the impending episode in his life, but he was fully ready to embrace death whenever it comes. In this world there are very few souls who truly remember death and depart peacefully whenever it comes. Among those great souls was the revered Jain Terapanth Acharya Sri Mahapragya who departed smilingly leaving everyone with tears in their eyes. Inspired of the pious soul leaving this mortal world, His ideal life’s journey and the fragrance of his temperate life would give ever solace & inspiration to the millions of people, which cannot be narrated in words, He will be shining like Polar Star.

It is but sure that everyone has to leave this mortal world. Only a few souls do arrive in this world who do not live only for them, but dedicate their entire life for the good of society. Acharya Mahapragya was one of such great souls who understood the secret, truth and substance of this life at the age of ten (10) already, and accepted initiations into monkhood by leaving his parental home. The whole world would remember His most vital role in the field of AHIMSA & ANUVRAT movement, which he kept doing ceaselessly throughout his life. A litterateur, a thinker of the highest order, a preacher of moral values in society & a renunciator Acharya Mahapragya became immortal as the whole world was his friend and family. He felt the pain & compassion in every entity from an ant to an elephant, in a drop of water and the leaf of a tree.

Mourned by millions in the country and abroad, the great Acharya’s soul will definitely be at Moksha Dham. As the leading light of the principles Dharma & and propounder of PREKSHA MEDITATION his mortal body has merged with the five elements of nature but will ever remain alive in the memory of the people due to his shining deeds. The true homage towards such a great soul who himself led a pious life & led innumerable people on the right path would be to adopt at least one of his preaching in our life. His life of hermit with simplicity stanch follower Non –Violence & complete humanitarian approach would bring light in the world. With these sentiments to hundreds and hundreds of salutations to him.

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