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Posted: 03.03.2010
Updated on: 09.06.2015

News in Hindi

8178022036 Samanis spreading the spiritual vibes by song
8177978651 Acharya Mahapragya disbursing his wisdom through discourse in morning session
8177991095 With the feeling of good for whole universe, Yuvacharya shree reciting Mangal Path at the end of discourse session
8178018518 Spiritual gathering with folded hands try to catch the auspicious vibrations of Mangal Path by Yuvacharya shree
8178018970 Acharya Shree Mahapragya even while going back to his stay room, giving blessing
8178013708 Same as above
8177985051 A moment of time capturing Yuvacharya Shree picture in morning session
8177982375 View of discourse hall
8177987471 Same as above
8178014020 Same as above
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